Strider infinite... how?

Can somone tell me in detail how to do strider’s infinite all help would be greatly appreciated thnx:D

on sent

jump toward sent, first lk hits the knee, second around the chest, coming down, hp on the head i think or chest area, then hk on the knee, then repeat over and over and over

someone correct me if im wrong

i found a vid so if you need it just lemme know

yeah i can do that one. You see i saw clockwork do the infinite on reg size char in the corner and i dunno how to set it up but im pretty sure its the same lk , lk, fp, fk reapat thing but i dunno how to set it up. thnx for the help though crow. if u know this other infinite plz tell me :smiley:

r you it wasnt sent? i know thats striders only inf., someone correct me if im wrong, do you have a vid of this?

Strider can only do an infinite on Sentinel afaik. What you (Aqua) prolly saw was (corner) launch jab short strong fwd fierce, otg rh, jump short strong forward fierce rh. After the otg rh, the rest is just a juggle and the opponent can immediately block after the roundhouse.


clock whats the timing on that? should i slow down the lp, lk,lp, lk? if so how slow? because when i slow it down i usually miss the fierce

The timing is something like launch, jabshortstrong, fwd, fierce, rh, jump shortstrongfwdfiercerh.

Also depends on how soon/late the initial jab connects.



i couldnt block it when u did it on me :bluu: im one of the dudes at cerriots btw clock. oh yeah thnx for telling me how to do it im trying to learn strider/doom and i wanna try and be as good as u wit them. :smiley:

thats gonna take a while, but man you got to play clock? how was it?

how u think it was it was awesome i got owned but dam he sure put on a show lol i have played him several times and every single time i get owned lol.

Damn I didn’t think anyone from CC would be posting on here heh (besides toi or azer). I haven’t been to the union in awhile though.

Who do you use? I’ll remember better that way. Anyway, say yo next time.


i use strider/cable/doom or blackheart/cable/cyke those my 2 main teams but i like the strider/cable/doom best!! yeah i was talking to toi today he was showing me how to unfly:rolleyes:
yes i am a big noob. ill say supp next time i see u clock. im the one u beat the last time u went with the dickies jacket dunno if u remember :frowning: well ill see ya around clock latz

infinite variations are fun :cool:

you can do jump jab, strong, fierce, rh

or jump jab, short, forward, fierce , rh

and finally, the entire magic series, jab,short,strong,forward, fierce, rh :smiley:

looks hella flashy, but no real purpose. best to do these when you get sents fat ass to the corner. do the jumping jab as early as possible for all of them

clock, i’ve been trying to do your air combo where you finish with hp, rh. but i have trouble getting the timing down. how fast do i have to press rh after hp?

If you’re trying to connect a fierce rh in an aircombo midscreen, the rh should come immediately after the fierce. So the timing would be something like launch, jab (asap) short strong, fwd, fiercerh - only a SLIGHT delay between fwd and fierce, maybe half the time you’d delay the strong fwd, if that makes any sense.

BTW that’s how I do it, but I’m sure if you play around with different timings or even different buttons that there are several ways to do it. So if my method doesn’t w0rk for you then just sit in training mode for a couple minutes and figure something out that w0rks for you consistently.


clock, i’ve been trying to do your air combo where you finish with hp, rh. but i have

I realize none of you guys are even reading this anymore, but someone might need some help so I thought i’d post. In my opinion, the hp into hk for some reason becomes easier when you slow down the magic series. Don’t ask me why, but my friend Blackheart1313 said that Magz can do it if you slow down magic series. Of course, it’s way easier w/ Magneto.

It’s something like lk…lk…hp, hk