Strider Infinite

How do you exactly pull it off. Seen a couple of people do it including clockw0rk. Wondering about it.


jumping forward lk lk (while going up) hp (at peak) hk slightly after the hp

only works on Sentinal

can it work on any other big chars?


anyways, i have a question.

how do you do it when not in the corner? It always seem to break after the 16th hit as it pushes Sentinel too far back. Anyone got a solution to this?

if you ever connect orbs, adjust your position so that you’re facing the closest wall. Pushing them closer should be your primary objective. Don’t worry too much about landing that many extra hits while orbs connect. After a while, they start doing 1 unit of damage a piece, which can all be done during the infinite.

Oroboros, I think you’re doing the hk a lil late :smiley: if you speed up the infinite, the hp won’t knock sent back as far.

hrm how does it only work on sent… thats wierd and also could someone tell me good strider match ups and his bad ones.


He has no true enemy except it can go anyway with storm and sometimes sentinel although spiral gives me a hard time too, but strider also gives them a hard time as well .
Strider’s good match ups are probibly Blackheart, cable and sometimes Magneto, and if you play your cards right you can take on sentinel pretty well .
This i how I see it from this point of my play but things can get pretty random .

Very random, cuz one mess up against any of the top tiers and ur lifebar gets raped fast.

This is so true :frowning:

Of the top 10 characters, I’d say strider’s 3 easiest matchups are

Iron Man

in no particular order.

id say easiest match ups…

1ironman (no instant super, can kill him with doom assist alone)

2 cable with no meter (no explaination needed, without supers hes dead)

3 spiral (no big damage potential either way, both go at it strider usually gets the better of it naturally)

4 blackheart (too damn big, watch out for cross up dash +assist only way blacky hits strider without strider totally having a brain lapse. warp away from demons. d+fierce beats every bh jump in)

5 magneto (one hit kill, however mags has a really tough time landing that hit on strider)

more difficult

1storm (weather bitch)

2 sent/aa/projectile ( extreme patience needed, one mistake and its over for our lil ninja hero)

3doom/storm (call doom after 2 bars , gets photoned +hailed. storm enters and one more random hail and hes dead, things are not looking good)

4loaded cable/aa/projectile (everyone gets shot)

anyways, ive been really bored with mvc2 the last month, have only been playing once a week on thursdays tournies and its starting to show, ahhhhhh need spark again to put in more practice time.

about the infinite. you can do it a number of other ways if you wanna be fancy.

jump jab,short, fp,rh

you can even do the entire magic series

jump jab/short/strong/fwd, fierce/rh on the way down. tough timing but not too tough, looks hella fancy :evil: :lame:

Wow…Haha …I seem to have a shi’t load of trouble against spiral .

How can you beat a run away Black Heart with capcom assist. And how do u beat a flying sentinel with capcom. When I play strider it seems that i can hit anything on the ground but nothing in the air.

And by the way

Devil X > You

BH is ez to beat since he can’t fly and is so big. Just keep teleporting under him if BH takes to the air, wait for him to land, turn on oroboros when he lands, and keep him there. With sent, if he flies, turn on oroboros, sj, double-jump, and mash jab all the time. Don’t have a set strategy against sent though, mainly just to try to land the infinite w/o eating HSF :stuck_out_tongue: