Strider/Spiral/Storm-Team Fusebox

is it a good team to use? I am very comfortable with i think its stylish abd vicious at the same time. but when i think about matchups against the others which have more advantages i think they would do very badly. or not? please post some matchups for me to see if its a all-around decent team. my teams are

custom made team-Team Fusebox:
Strider-Gamma assist
Spiral-Alpha assist
Storm-Beta assist
basically, strider without doom is useless. but 2nd to doom in assist in my opinion is spiral. and she is the best battery. storm is just my best character.


i was just wondering how would you use that? i have a few styles of play in mind?

  1. the chipping game, set storm on proj asist at the same time, spiral will do her dance-sword, or her 6-hit punch, for ultimate chip damage

  2. the chipping game again but this time strider is the main person, and can call on either spiral OR storm for assist, and that = great chipping

so yeah i think thats a good team to use. the thing with strider without doom is useless isn’t true, there are plenty of other assist that do decent chipping/good chipping. you just gotta see the videos :slight_smile: and matches & see how it works

no. 2 most likely. i use storm as a point character tho. others as assist.

mmmm, i think you may face a problem with sent and AA. Strider/Spiral, no matter how you look at it does not have the lockdown properties as strider/doom. And if you’re not careful, Sent/Capcom may just eat your spiral for breakfast. That being said, you might wanna try out Spiral/Storm/Doom. Very versatile team, and a refreshing change to the usual spiral/cable/sent.

hmm storm on point? your other 2 asist dont work too well im guessing? i think they work “just ok” but there are better partners/assist to choose from. so tell me about your style of play, im curious, like what kind of things do you do? what combos do you do? etc

very balanced. i play verys simple-minded i guss. i guess i play by instinct. Storm has been my best since XvsSF. Stider was my best on MvC1. Spiral i just very good with.

i dont know about strider on that team…put storm second, jus incase ya need to cancel. Plus the legion into hailstorm might be useful at times.
other than that, i would eat that strider up with sentinel…i think hes weak without doom if you ask me.
also spiral would be owned for free without a good assist…jus think that storm aint enough, and if storm assist gets fucked (i.e. rocket punch/death combo), you got 2 mid tier characters left which aint shiznit. But i like the concept still! lol

i decided to change it up. i wont involve Stride at all. im going to just have a tourney team that consists of

Spiral or Mag:Point
Cyke (projectle assist)
Doom (anti air)
what do ya think?

I hope that Cyke - proj assist is a mis type. If are gonna continue with those characters - cyke anti air will benefit Spiral and Doom. You need anti air if you play with spiral.

This guy at my arcade DOMINATES with spiral/strider/psylocke hes a damn good spiral player and he teleports with strider everytime. I mean were all scrubs at my arcade (at marvel atleast) but this guy is just everywhere at once with this team. He even does the Doom/strider lock except with spiral doing the swords. Not as powerful, but still powerful none the less.

awwww c’mon man, thats yesterday news…own his ass with sent/cyclops/storm (or whatever thats has cyclops on it). i used to have a problem wit that team (the doom/strider shit), but i learned quick…stomp his head in wit sentinel.

HAHAHAHA,… oh wait your serious? oh yeah that works great…


:lol: :lol:
Jin ftw!