Strider Sprites Please!

Can someone here tell me where I can get some decent, animation-ready sprites of Strider Hiryu from Marvel vs. Capcom and/or Marvel vs. Capcom 2?!! I’ve been searching for months and cannot find what I need!! Please help me!!!

They are, very difficult to find indeed. First, go to google, then click on “Images” then type in strider hiryu. Take the ones you like. Enjoy.

^link doesnt work?

of course it doesnt…u need www.


Thanks, guys. :clap: I’ve done google searches for quite some time, but does anyone know where I can find a full-fledge sprite sheets of Strider Hiryu from Marvel vs. Capcom/Marvel vs. Capcom 2? Those work better for me because I can make my own custom animations and use them to my will. They’re large images containing the individual frames of each of Strider’s animations. If you can give me a link or the sprite sheets themselves to, it would really help. Thanks again!! :karate: :tup: