Strider Spy Network: Zeku Video Thread



alright guys, start feeding up info on set ups, tutorials etc.




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Good Zeku gameplay



Videos on Zeku normal ranges

[details=Spoiler]OZ :


OZ :

They aren’t a combo/tutorial videos, but they’re interesting just to have an idea about Zeku ranges in both forms. The channel provides also a complete punish memorandum on all the cast (useful even if the main character used for is Ryu) and all ranges of it. I.E. who noticed even Zeku CA has different ranges between his forms? I think it’s important to have more info as possible.


Here is a vid of a ft5 i had with a good vega player. It can give pointers to that matchup. Would like some feedback too


Since you said you’d like some feedback:

Yep. Pretty much a prototypical YZ style. Good stuff. Basically abuse the sf5 system and slide all day and add in jumps. Basically the same thing I’ve been doing… and it works so… can’t really say anything about it.

Your confirms though are another matter. You always do 2 pokes>something. That’s not bad it’s just that the gap is very predictable, when there is a gap. The only time I didn’t see you do 2 pokes into something was when you were doing tick throws.

Just one of those things to be aware of. If you want to do some 1 poke stuff, you can do and hitconfirms into stagger pressure. Also, doing 1 cr.lp after a crossup medium is good because you can confirm off the jmk and cr.lp and then go for CH stuff after the blocked cr.lp… things like shimmy or walk forward…etc.


FT5 vs Ibuki

Could use some pointers/feedback because, damn, I haven’t played a semi-serious match in a couple month and I feel terrible playing.

Somehow won 5-3 but I’m dropping combos, forgetting my hit confirms, bad punishes, not doing proper oki.

I look like a mess here.


Besides the obvious stuff which doesn’t need mentioning like the drops and stuff, I REALLY liked your Zeku. Stayed away from noob slide in young mode, good on you. I’m not that good :slight_smile:

I really liked some of your flip setups in old Zeku as well. I noticed you used that ex palm reset as well. Good stuff :slight_smile:

So ok, here’s what I got:

Better AA…, this is like an obligatory suggestion, but I did see you miss a decent amount of AA in old style.
After flip cross up, I personally like to do to really get the most bang for my buck. You want the flip to hit after all so since it’s a cross up it has a higher change of hitting so may as well commit to a stronger confirm.

After throw: you saw that ex teki can be punished so you switched to ex Koku…good stuff. I would keep that and the flip mixups you were doing (which I’m going to steal) and also a stance cancel off the st.hp. Stance cancel is a really good option because if they block, you are still at +1 and can do all kinds of stuff at that range. This makes old Zeku one of the only characters that can consistently get GOOD pressure after a throw. You may specifically want to go for ex flip here because it’s 5 frames faster than the regular flip and has more plus frames on block and the st.hp causes a lot of block stun so the opponent won’t be able to walk out of the forward/back mixup that ex flip has, as easily.

When you see your opponent blocking your ex overhead, switch it up to run stop throw… shit works :slight_smile:

Besides the various execution errors and rust and some terrible punishes here and there, that’s all I got :slight_smile: good job.


@Dime thank you, i feel my zeku has to improve how he pressures. Im still not very confident with his crush counters so i rarely ever bait for shimmie, and people in this game are so random, some people mash when they are -3 and get you off guard. Gotta work on that, it is the thing i should work on next


The way you use old zeku command jump is interesting. Im stealing some things xD

About the pointers, im not sure what to say, the games you lost, you lost because ibuki did her thing not because you played bad.


Thanks for the help

I was using flip way more in this match then I normally would after seeing Ibuki commad dashes. Seeing me get messed up by her dashes made me think I could apply the same idea to flips, as well as callout her own dashes/forward moving stuff.

I do need to do after flip stuff. I’m never confident i’m hitting them deep enough so I play it safe with jab.

AA - yeah, looking at it I almost completely forgot about hk dp. Think I was just worried about mis-inputting it (which does happen in the very last round)

Forgot st.hp transform was plus. definitely adding that to the throw setup. As well as Ex flip


Interesting the tc into EX overhead, tricky. Be careful btw because Zeku buttons overlapping pretty easily.

P.S. This default color is fire.


I like the cr lp, st hk as young. There probably is a gap big enough to beat delay tech, you can confirm the counter hit with his mp hp TC, and if they crouch block you are plus again


I dont like it since they can grab you in the mid of it. I prefer for punishing people mashing grab when you walk forward after a cr.lp


I found a weird glitch! Bushin gram rekka cancel doesnt care about that Gief blender apparently.

Full match here. First game will teach people what NOT to do agaisnt gief on defense xD

And this game with a master rashid shows how important scramble is agaisnt rashid and how good zeku is at it. Zeku is looking very good for s3 imo


I’ve had fun working at lab last night. This TOD needs full resources, but that’s good to know. Works vs 3f jab on quickrise.


This one was inspired from Automattock, OZ can also hit with his with a super delayed hit. YZ can’t, but they shared the possibility to hit from distance for a mid range whiff punish. Useful when the opponent gets used to our slide shenanigans. Zeku is full invincible during Idaten so the opponent have to pay attention to that.


Last one is kinda known so far, you can pressure with lows! Juri style, and make it safe with the last kick which is only -2 and also causes a ton of chip damage/grey health loss

Idaten >,, s.HP, and then you can even go for cr.HK, then HK + HP again and you are possitive if they didnt block the cr.HK

Zeku has a dead move when the other player has no vgauge meter or ex for ex dps and has low health. Go for the whole sequence, then super in their face xD


Vt2 puttin in some work. Looks like it’s a candidate to be gotten twice a round consistently.


Random tech videos I’m finding:


From min 7:56

Dunno who this guy is, but beating Itabashi 2 times against Abi and Gief with Zeku is something to see.