Strider/Tron cheapness

I haven’t posted on srk in a while, but I saw some cool ideas in the Strider forum and gave them a try. I really liked Strider and Tron together for a while and then hit a wall for new ideas, but then reading some posts on here gave me even more ideas, so I made a short video:

[media=youtube]oeeu9Y5C4F4[/media] – SEE NEW VERSION BELOW

Like has been pointed out on other threads, Strider/Tron truly does have a 50/50 mixup that can lead to about 50% damage or so depending on their stamina.

On top of that, having a good AAA like Cable-AAA is good to knock an assist in the air and catch them in orbs on the way down (credit to what Shoultzula posted in the other thread).

Maybe I’ll get some match videos if I can arrange it, but for the meanwhile, here’s a small video I put together. Just keep practicing the Strider overhead (call tron first, then do j. short, j. strong and it’ll chain if you have orbs going) against a crouching Storm and you should be good to go. Cable and Cyclops are particularly easy to hit (aside from Doom/Sentinel/large character, of course).

EDIT: New version of video here:

Strider/Cable/Tron match vid from recent CF tourney.

I’m really liking this team. I think there’s a lot of potential if you give Strider a try without Doom:


ouchies, awesome use of instant overheads. So cheezy :woot: respect

I used to say that team was crap but it can’t be that bad if you can work mixups over and over instead of chip.

whats up with strider\morrigan ron? would AA give you better team chemistry or does strider really want drones?

Thanks, Shoultzula. I owe it to you and Jaded for several of the ideas and I just took it from there. Though I didn’t show it in those particular vids, AAA on assist into orbs teleport or bomb xx orbs teleport is nasty. Cable-b works perfect for that.

I think Strider needs AAA, especially one like Cammy-A, Capcom, or Cable-b where it knocks them up far and away. I think Strider/Sent/Tron sounds nice, but it’d have a nightmare of a time against any Doom-b based opponents; in that respect, Cable-b seems to be a great fit.

I’m looking into Storm-a or Mag-a for center character, too, but again, they’ll have the same problem of not supplying an AAA. Morrigan would also work, but my Morrigan isn’t nearly as reliable as my Cable right now. That definitely has potential, though.

I’ll upload more combos I’ve put together. c. short + tbonne, c. forward xx orbs (jam on jab twice and manually dash forward) does sick amount of damage (~90+) and leads to free snapback or infinite on Sentinel. It’s too good!

yea, I can see that problem with lack of an AA which is why I asked about it. morrigan isn’t invincible either so she might not give you EXACTLY what you need. I just like her mixups so I’ll put her with tron to cheese it out.

I made a new version of a Strider/Tron video here:

You can do the Sentinel infinite -> s. jab + tron, s. strong xx orbs -> Sentinel Infinite anywhere on screen. This means if you hit Sentinel standing, you can layer 2 orbs in 1 combo easily (just do orbs -> infinite -> tron -> orbs -> infinite). This takes a ton of life off of Sentinel (he’ll usually flip out before you can kill him). This is just one more thing you can’t do with Strider/Doom :wink: Perhaps this can be done with Sent-g, though. I haven’t tried it yet.

I’m glad to see Strider/Tron bringing that nasty!!

Yo you should try this combo, I’m sure you’ll like it.

beginning of match

  • c. lp, c. lk, assist, c. hk, beams OTG, dash xx j. lk, j. lp, j. lk.

this set up will cross and you can do a few things, just land on the other side
c. lk, assist, c. lk -> orbs for 100% (only works a few times)

or just land & c. hp the masher
or j. back and assist into more mix ups

Against Sent when he’s crouching

  • j. hk + assist, land xx orbs for the win

Yeah, I love Strider/Tron lol it’s more direct and not as random as rocks

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Just saw some of your match vids
I like to point out you need that gangsta Strider/Tron air combo

Almost everyone can do it if you OTG but when you do it with Strider… it’s too nice.

<any set up into c. hp> xx sj xx lk, lp, lk, lk, hp, OTG hk, land, c. lp, c. hp, j. forward + assist -> throw = win

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I am HUNGRY FOR MARVEL 2!! I’ve been playing mvc too long lol

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I do the same reset combo on assist chars like you did on Cable but what I like to do is

Tiger, assist, c. HP xx LK bomb. I just feel safer that way because the way you did it really lets people like Mag in and rape that ass

After that tiger, if you don’t have any rings out saving your ass… you can say toasty soon

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If you force a j. back overhead + assist, you’ll force the screen to move towards the enemies back… It’ll close that gate of the third ring hitting slow.

It’s real hard to get that hit… I’ve done it a few times in practice mode on smaller characters. This is more practical against Sentinel + big guys because it’s much easier to do.

Good stuff, Tam.

I’ll try that opener out, although a lot of people like to roll out of c. rh way too easily. I guess they’d have to see it coming, though. Not likely if they’re getting hit first in the round.

Also, about your OTG combo, you can’t call an assist after you OTG… I am assuming you mean call assist after they are launched, then try airthrow into the rings? That sounds nasty. Great idea man.

Otherwise, I’ll give some of that a try. The j. rh back + tron makes sense. I know what you mean by 3rd ring not hitting if they have space behind them.

Yeah dude my bad, let me fix that post

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That opener only works once on people and sometimes in the real game. I mean it’s a great way to get @ people who aren’t ready though.

Have you considered snap-backs during your tron combos on the floor?

Yeah you’re going to be using a lot of meter but one of the great aspects of this team is using it in the corner against your opponent.

My strategy tends to instant overhead + low mixups & snap-backs to weaker characters.

Sandwich the opponent and their assist & snapback works wonders

I definitely consider snapback, but that can be a tough call.
#1, sometimes there isn’t a good character to snapback in (like against team ROW).
#2, it uses up meter, and if you can tag with tron, you can usually combo into orbs by hitting jab a few times and dash up. 90+ damage seems favorable over 45 and then snapback, but depends on the situation.
#3, if their crappy character comes in, they can just switch that character out again (say with Sentinel). And Strider really can’t do all that much damage against a Sentinel that just tagged in.
#4, you also give up a cross-up opportunity which is a reset. This is what I usually go for, as this maximizes your damage, builds your meter, and doesn’t kill your meter.

It all depends on the situation. Of course, if you have a ton of meter, might as well go for tron combo’d into orbs, then at the end of orbs, snapback. And if you tag both their main and their assist, well of course you go for snapback.

Good point you brought up.

Against team ROW, I always snap in Cable or Sent. I love fighting Sentinel because he’s such a beast! Finesse has that CRAZY SENT so it makes the mind games easier for me to comprehend when I’m getting raped by all of them from him lol.

I always snap Mag out, always… lol can’t handle him sometimes till he’s the last character.

Comboing with Orbs doesn’t seem to get it all the time. If you hit them on the 2nd or 3rd Tron ring, I don’t see myself getting the orbs out fast enough so they just block. I like the snap because it’s guarantee and bringing in a crappy AAA that can’t do much when they are free is great for me.

From what I remember with MvC2, when Sentinel is tagged out and you try to him him low… he’ll just pop back up.

I think against Sentinel that’s a good dmging combo with rings is

anywhere, preferably mid-screen
wait for Sent to get tagged in, block, j. lp, j. lp, assist, j. hp, j. hk, land -> orbs or air combo or snap

Give me an example of your cross ups!

AK was talking about the same crossups I mentioned earlier with the jab+tron, strong teleport crossup and c. short + tron, c. strong into teleport.

It looks like it works well while hitting orbs and then running that crossup. l33t! I’ll steal that shite.

you know thinking about it, snapping out magnus isn’t a bad idea unless you’ve mastered double orbs. Get as much life as possible but if he’s not going to die guaranteed tagging him out can yield options.


during these cross ups no assists come out right? :frowning:

AA is not fun

What happens is the opponent is in the middle of getting hit (like in the middle of the orb combo) and so nobody really hits on assist when getting hit in a combo. Even if they do hit assist, you’re crossing them up and Tron is hitting them from behind while they call their assist.

You can also bait and heavy hit with Tron, or you can do c. short, c. forward xx snapback while they call out their AAA.

About 99% of the time it’s a free crossup and if they’re getting hit by orbs, they’re usually holding back which means they’ll run right into your crossup.

It’s pretty good and like Jaded said in another thread, the side you land on is totally unclear with certain characters like Doom, Cable, and Sentinel.

As far as comboing with tron’s rings, it works as long as you’re not too far. What you do is activate orbs with a setup (like c. short + tron, c. forward xx orbs) and hit jab a few times. This is just after the orbs appear around you and Strider is making his prayer sign, but rings will come out anyway and they serve as a buffer to let you combo into the orbs when you dash up. Without hitting jab twice, you won’t combo with a dashup.

Credit goes to Jaded for the crossup (although I use it a lot with the orbs and in other combos which is even worse than a blocked crossup). Just see the match video video and I do a few crossups on Sentinel and Mag.

So that Psylocke never hits ya ? :frowning:

Like I said, there’s 2 other options which are especially useful if you’re up against MSP or a Psy AAA. Bait Psy out. Then c. short + tron, c. forward xx orbs combos not only on a main character, but also an assist as well (and even at the same time).

You can also teleport and just block, meanwhile psy takes 2-3 rings from Tron.

Don’t hate before you’ve tried it. It’s quite effective in its own right if you use it appropriately.

Very interesting! Never thought to use the strider cable setup with tron. I figured that strider or cable will use the bars before the other had a chance. I also tried using strider doom tron. It worked well against MSPs, and scrubs, but not good unless your doom is sick wit it. However, much respect to what you came up with Im am going to try some of it.

AK how do you do against Sentinel/Cykes with this team?

Here’s a few things I noticed against AAA based teams, including Sent/Cyc:

Do an air combo with Strider, whether it’s against Mag, Sent, Cable or Sent, and now you have a slight advantage to do several things once you land. This is similar to how you see Storm end air combos with sj. rh and then she has a mixup when she lands.

a) jump short + tron, land on other side and do ground magic series xx dog xx orbs. Relatively safe, but not much damage option.

b) c. short +tron, c. forward xx teleport behind. Crossup opportunity. If they have an AAA and they call right away, Strider will get hit during c. forward I believe.

c) c. short +tron, c. forward xx orbs. Do this if you think they’re gonna jump or try to sj out or if they’ll rely in their assist right away. This will stop most all of the above options and you’ll combo into a 90+ damage combo.

d) call tron, jump over, block coming down and then attack. This works best against teams like Sent/Cyc, because Tron will hit Cyc assist as he comes out and you’ll also force a block on Sent or whatever the other point character is.

e) s. rh or s. fierce + tron xx teleport. This works well, but not as good of an option if they have AAA of course.

I’ll put up some match videos soon from the CF tourney tonight. As Josh and X showed, one mistake with Strider and he’s just about gone.
That’s Strider’s biggest problem as I see it-- one mistake and you die. But the other guy has to make multiple mistakes for you to come out on top (or you can pressure them into mistakes using Doom or Tron or Captain Commando).

I’m thinking there’s gotta be better than Cable/Tron for backup. I’m thinking Strider/Storm/Tron or Strider/Magneto/Tron might fit the bill. Cable/Tron just has too many holes.