Strider vs. Strider MM at evo east?

I want to take Shoult out for 50, nothing but Strider

I lose vs other Strider’s, so I’ll just watch :bgrin:

i’m a poor ass so i’ll probably won’t be attending evo east. All my spare scrilla is going towards evo world.

i’ll take the MM but you have to find me @ evo world.

yo snake, whats up with that new shit? drop something hot in that thread.

Aww, no evo east Shoultz?

Haha, sorry to keep you waiting bro. Well, my tricks aren’t finalized yet, but I’ll drop some important new strats off by either tonight or tomorrow. So you guys should have something new in the thread.

damn, are you serious
that sucks oh well

I’ll take SNAKE MM lol or KaiSing in cali again :]

Strider vs. Strider is not fun though … sorta it is lol I don’t know whoever tigers first wins hands down lol

I don’t do the money match thing any more. Though since it’s vegas, if any of you are up for a callgirl fucking contest, I’ll play you first to 10 orgasms for $1000. I’ll even spot you 4 O’s.

I don’t know what you’re talking about Kai, but I have a gf
you can MM with other people and I will record. :]