Strider Wiki

Definitely a lot of questions would be answered if people had the information available to them on the wiki.
I’ve been around for a while to see a lot of questions asked and answered in the same format. I was just wondering if people could just add a few things here and there to make current Strider discussion a bit more than…

“How do I keep them in the trap”

Know what I’m saying?

Anyway, I’ll add some Strider/Tron team information later

the trap is way to complex to type out. You just cant say if the opp does this then do this. Strider doesnt have a guranteed lockdown pattern but he can switch the guard cancel spots with different trap variations. Also stuff like meter usage, spacing and teleports are just as important because they help contribute to the “trap.” Youd be writting pages just to explain it.

Ideally, you have to use striders ENTIRE arsenal to “trap” the opp. Its not just weak weak fp fk dog repeat.

best way to learn s\d is to copy it and learn why you lose because you will. I dont know how much a begginner could get out of reading it. I’ve read clockworks post a few years back when my s\d started getting really good. Even then I could only really get about half of what he was saying. Its so easy to bombard people with s\d knowledge because where would you start telling someone how to play. you have to do this this this right and if they do this do this or this or fake this etc… too many variables. This is the type of thing where you have to teach the “idea” over the “method.”

but yea the strider thread could use some spunk.