As most fans of the game know, Strider the game was based on a manga that Capcom had a hand in producing. But I have never seen this manga in any form. Finding it would be next to impossible I’d imagine, its over 20 years old. So I’m just wondering if anyone here has ever actually seen or maybe even read it. Perhaps theres been a fan translation or something. I’m guessing the storyline probably isn’t that good but as a big fan of the games I’d be interested to see it.

Udon should consider making a Strider comic, I think theres tons of potential for the character.

I’ve seen pages of his manga online and that’s it. There’s a path to some of them in Strider’s Wiki entry. No scanlations of it exist as far as I know.

Rey of Studio Udon (Rival Schools comic artist) said he asked Udon at one point about making a Strider comic since he’s a big fan of the character. He was told that Strider was the most complicated license that Capcom owned. He posted all of this right here on this forum a few years back.

Basically Moto Kikaku has to approve everything involved with the character. That’s why whenever he shows up in a game (save his cameo in Ken’s SFA2 background for some reason) Moto Kikaku’s name is right there on the title screen along with Capcom’s. That’s even the case for Namco x Capcom and the SVC Card Fighting games, Moto Kikaku’s name is right there on the title screen. So it’s not like Udon can just up and ask Capcom about it. Making a comic about a character that’s owned by a manga company when they can just turn around and make another manga, but they don’t… I dunno, it seems pretty complex to me. :wasted:

At the very least Strider Hyru is fighting Spider-Man in those Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Featurettes by Joe Virens. That Featurette should pop up any day now. At least Udon’s able to do SOMETHING with the character heh. Ohs well hope for good things in the future with Strider I guess. :smile:

Yeah these are the pages I’ve seen online.

A funny tidbit. The NES game actually follows the story of the manga. The arcade game does not. No one likes the NES game though. :rofl:

When Strider showed up in MVC1 they used his scarf from the manga since he doesn’t have it in the arcade game, and now it’s pretty much his trademark. :smile:

Thanks for all the info and the link. I always noticed the trademark at the beginning of Marvel Vs. Capcom, I guess that would make things pretty complicated for Udon to make a comic. I really dig that 80s style manga artwork too, reminds me of Fist of the North Star (which also is not in print anymore).

Oh well, I guess I’ll continue my attempt to 1cc the first Strider game and dream of something new featuring the character.

If you guys haven’t seen the manga yet, you haven’t been looking hard enough. I’ve got the whole thing scanned, up at my site. Been there for several years now.

Thanks! :smile:

No problem. Hey, it was your posts about Rey that actually helped clarify some things for me. I went digging through old SRK threads and found what he actually said about his time at Udon and that old Strider proposal, which you can read here. Not sure if that stuff still actually holds true or not, though. Verifying Rey’s claims would be a royal pain.

Also, NAP… just as an aside… one reason Strider Hiryu looks like Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star may be because Buronson worked for Hiroshi Motomiya early in his career. Hiroshi Motomiya started the artists’ circle Motomiya-Kikaku, which became Moto Kikaku later on. You can see some artistic similarities between Hokuto no Ken and Salaryman Kintarou, with Strider Hiryu being something of a midpoint between them. Tatsumi Wada did Strider Hiryu while he was working for Moto Kikaku, as well. So the late 80’s style you like so much may be something of a “house style” that disseminated due to Hiroshi Motomiya’s influence.

Wow, I feel truly pathetic now because I was just looking at your site like two nights ago haha. Good site by the way. And thanks for all the info.

Can I ask how you even found all those pages? I’m just curious because I figured it would be fairly difficult to find something so old that was only ever published in Japan.

Ha, don’t EVEN feel bad because you didn’t find it. I recently did a redesign that left even my longtime readers confused. I’m finding reference links on Wikipedia that have been Waybacked, despite the content still being on my site, just in a different location.

I found all those pages because I bought the manga myself, about 5-6 years ago. It was pretty difficult, but I ended up tracking down two copies. One for myself, and one for a friend. I even worked out a deal with a used manga distributor for people who were interested in buying one themselves, which ran for about three years. Then the bookstore went out of business. I don’t think anyone bought one through my contact, anyway.

I photocopied the pages myself, about a year after I got it, and scanned it. I’m working on re-scanning the photocopies, because it seems the kanji’s too lo-res to read or translate. Practically wrecked the spine of my copy while photocopying it, so I won’t be re-copying it, meaning… the page turns are going to stay the same, but the detail will definitely improve.

Thanks for the props about my site, though, and enjoy the manga!

lol, I just found a torrent for the manga (70 MB) and was gonna PM it to you guys until I saw Scion’s post…AND Apparently the torrent was from your site (it isn’t active anymore =/)? Do you think you can also provide it for Download/Torrent please? (BTW I apologize if I shouldn’t ask this…)

I’ve never used or made torrents. Ever. They may have compiled a torrent from the scans on my site, but I never offered it for D/L as a torrent myself. I would tell you to make your own, but considering how I’m on dicey legal ground for even putting it up myself, I’m not gonna say that. The only thing saving me, personally, is the obscurity of my site and that the manga in question’s way OOP.

Ah OK then, guess I’ll be spending 30 mins doing Right Click Save As XD. Thanks for uploading it BTW, I’ll see if by some miracle I come across the Gaiden @_@

6 months of tracking down a manga reseller who can get a hold of it

  • another week of price negotiation
  • 2 more weeks waiting on shipping
  • 2.5 hours of photocopying it
  • 3 hours of scanning and cropping
    = a scanned 200+ page manga online for free download.


Clicking the link to my site

  • Half a minute waiting for it to load then clicking the link for the page you want
  • another half a minute waiting for the scan to D/L
  • Right-click/save, another minute
  • half a second to click back
  • Return to step 2, repeat 200+ times.
    = your very own copy on your hard drive.


No problem. Glad you’ll enjoy it.

Let me know if you find the Gaiden. I’ve not seen it, myself.