Strip out formatting when pasting text into the reply box

When pasting text, I noticed that the system automatically formats the text based on how the text originally appeared from wherever it was copied. This creates a problem however in that when text is pasted or quoted from a site with dark font, the system automatically makes the font dark making it unreadable in SRK Dark (and I believe the opposite happens as well with the opposite on SRK Light).

Would it be possible then to make it so that the system ignores any formatting and doesn’t insert any hidden [ FONT ] [ COLOR ] and [ SIZE ] tags, while still automatically working in [ IMG ] and [ URL ] tags for images and links?

If that isn’t possible, then maybe just strip out any formatting whatsoever, having to reinsert images and links is less annoying than having to go into the BB Code editor (which is nigh unusable in SRK Dark due the the background of the textbox) to take out the offending formatting tags.

Looked this up on the Xenforo site. Click on the eraser button on the top left to strip formatting. I wouldn’t mind this done by default, but hopefully this helps a little.

Hot damn! Didn’t even notice that bit.