Strip search for taking my arcade stick as a carry-on?

Hello all,

I was wondering what the deal is for taking an arcade stick on the plane as a carry-on. I will only be in Vegas for four nights, so I am back packing it like a beast, none of that ten bags of luggage BS like noob travelers do.

So my question is, will I get hassled because of my stick? I assume they can xray the hell out of it. Then again, its a box with wires and switches. I’m not trying to have my stick busted open by some TSA worker on a power trip and being called a terrorist.

I know this may seem sort of stupid, but I just need to know in advance.


i always take my sticks in carry on when i travel, and I’ve never once had a problem. Good thing too, if they ever search one of my sticks and find the ‘extras’ in there I’m in trouble.

You’re lucky to already be in the states. Crossing Customs can be a bitch.They can and probably will ask you to open it up for them to check. My roomate last year ordered a stick by mail and when he got it, it was in fucking pieces because the customs officers wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bomb.
Little did they know it was a control panel for Bison’s ultimate engine of doom.

More than half the time at airport security I have had my stick questioned. I tell them its a controller for Playstation and they let it through.

yeah i definitely like to travel as light as i can. this is probably unlikely, but will the stick fit inside your backpack? you will probably get fewer questions that way, if any at all. so, maybe have one bag that you check in, with the bulk of your clothes/toiletries in it; and then your backpack that you carry on, with your stick and other little stuff in that. obviously you would take the stick out of the backpack once you board the plane.

one checked-in bag is not a big deal, at least for me. plus the weight will be distributed over the two bags… might be easier to carry. that’s just what i have done, and it’s worked out fine, no questions asked. but ymmv.

ahh whoo i always had that question too since its gonna be my first time on a plane i wondered about sticks aw well :sweat:

I plan on taking a small tool kit for emergency stick repairs. In all honesty if I was TSA agent, I too would question all the crap I am carrying on the plane. I am just taking a backpack with all I need, and the stick in my hands so it is obvious I am not hiding anything.

I had no problem flying an arcade stick back to North carolina from Chicago a few months ago.

i usually just carry it, like open in the airport.
sure it looks nerdy as fuck, but who cares, it goes in the xray machine and no one ever questions it. i even take it with an additional carry on bag and no one has given me shit yet

i don’t like checking in. someone i know personally has gotten a stick jacked out of their bag… :frowning:

good point. i was thinking of bring 2 sticks along but seeing how that is a hassle i’m only bringing one. and becuase of high theft and missing stuff at past evo worlds, i’m not gonna be bringing any games.

Good thing I live in Vegas.

I HAVE NEVER EEEEEEEEVER HAD A PROBLEM this will be my third evo and last year was during the time you couldn’t take water on board and i had a bag with a video camera, digi cam, ps2, my stick and my ds all in my backpack and i just said video game stuff they slid it through no problem you should be good that was the only time i’ve ever even been questioned to or from vegas

Just tell them its a controller for the playstation and you’ll be fine