Stripped Screw Holes in TE Stick

Anybody got a fix to this problem? After taking my top cover off for button mods and art so many times, the screw holes are stripped where the screws just fall in and don’t hold. Hope someone has a solution! Thanks!

There are actually nuts glued in the case. See If the glue broke loose and the nuts fell into the lower part of the case.

Yup…they sure did

Want to bump this cause the screw holes in my stick are stripped and it’s not due to the glue on the nuts.

So what do you need help with then? Top hex spot is stripped? Replace the bolt. Threads on bolt stripped? Replace the bolt. Threads on nut stripped? Replace the nut.

what the easier way the remove a stripped hex nut?

Tape around the bolt…use a dremel to cut a slot into it without cutting through the plastic! then use a slotted screwdriver to unscrew…easy…don’t dremel too long or you will melt plastic…