Stripped Screws help!


Some how I stripped my screws on the top side of my TE stick. Anyone got any ideas of how remove them?

Not that great of a picture but the allen screw is almost a complete circle.

Any help would be great!


Cut a line into it and then use a flat head or get one of those bits from sears that digs into it


Just replied to a thread like this 3 days ago and I’ll quote myself again:

“Drill that shit out”


So a dremel would work to cut a line?

How would i go about drilling it out as well?

Thanks for the quick input.


Do a picture thats a little more in focus and a little back farther away yes i have a good reason for this.
It’s normally hard to strip screws that require an allenwrench unless they come that way or you messup, :stuck_out_tongue:


Buy a fuckin hex key set next time and you won’t strip those ever.


I have no idea how can someone managed to strip an allen screw on an arcade stick
are you sure you are comfortable with tools?

oh well…
before you go out and get a dremel and power drill and ended up hurting your self
you can try gluing the screw to the screw driver, and see if you can get it out that way


I was using a small flat head to open it before I found my allen bits

I could see how you could strip it.


Always use an allenwrench they don’t cost much most people just have them lying around there house in the tool-box unknowingly


just like a kitchen knife is not meant for shaving
a knife isn’t made for chiseling
and a table saw isn’t meant to cut sheets of metal

a flat head screw driver is not meant to be use on an allen screw
using any tool for the wrong purpose is not just stupid, it can also be potentially dangerous


yup, i would put a piece of paper on top of the acrylic, just to protect it from scratching and then use a short wrench to turn it out. That should definitely work.


at sears, they sell easy out screw removers. I have a set. Let me know if you don’t get it by next thursday, I can bring mine to Fed Ex. Kinda looks like this


My screws came stripped (2 of them to be exact) so it’s not always the user.


Thanks for all the help!

I used a hex key to fix some stuff in my TE stick. The screws themselves were very soft, to the point of just putting the key in would chip the screw.

Gonna try to get me one of those easy outs.


Thanks for the help. Got the screws out and replaced them.