Strong fierce to SA III

i’ve been trying to get this super cancel to work, but i cant get the timing down right. do u enter strong, fierce, and then pull out the 2 qcf kick. or do you enter the 2 qcf’s sometime between the strong and fierce? any help would be appreciated

u have to do it very fast. whatever your doing now, do it twice as fast. In my oppinion, for 1 point of extra damage id rather just throw the fireball beforehand as a hit confirm instead of risking not being able to throw out the super at all.

takes a bit of practice.

Strong Fierce, then do the super motion , just as fast as you normally would (remember that part) and press punch after the first qcf.

ok guys, thanks for the advice.
Cyanid, i think u mean press kick after the first qcf right?

Ahhh sorry I didnt read the topic carefully enough :lol:
I thought you were asking how to do strong fierce fireball shippu, simply cause that combo is burned in my mind right now as I got hit with it so many times a few hours ago:lol:

What I do is :mp::hp:(quick release):qcf::qcf:+:lk: where I use :mp: to hitconfirm.

thanks alot for the tips guys i appreciate it. i think my ken is pretty much as good as i can get it until i can go to some arcades and play against others. but there’s some real good 3s footage here if you guys wanna check it out.

mymoza vs. daigo- i think its one of the best videos of ken vs. ken i’ve ever seen, and mymoza puts up an awesoe fight.

I like the KSK vs Daigo one a lot better. KSK’s alex is like a nice sandwich.

:mp: :hp: (hit confirm) :qcf: :qcf: :hk: :mk: :lk: (drum)

Drumming seriously helps in my opinion.

thanks guys for the help, i can get it down pretty consistently now. i think now the hardest SA3 cancel to pull off is c.short, c.jab, c.short XX SA3

execution is the easy part if ur bored

actually pulling it off in a match is a different story =/

Doom does it perfectly, though I can’t be bothered to try it:P I’ll stick with c.lp, c.lp xx SA3

^Are you serious?

You can parry or block a jab high or low; so that’s not a good idea.

He probly means xx Shippu. I don’t think the jabs even combo off each other (but I could be wrong).

they do combo off each other
in fact against dudley 3 c.lps can connect

Hmmm… even so, x2 is better. Same frame start-up; about the same range (if not more), plus you need to block/parry low.

I can’t write shit lately:O I meant, xx SA3.

o for sure’s >>>> c.lp’s in any scenario really
the main purpose (At least for me) for doing c.lkx2 xx super is when they do a shallow crossup and their move whiffs (or dont do anything)…blocking a low attack on reverse is something not too many people do. > cr lp

c.lp, xx super is must-use for any shoto due to option select.

Also don’t forget that cr. lp doesn’t knock the opp. back as much. If your a little too far to do c.lkX2 xx super, then try c.lp, xx super since the c.lp will keep them in range.