Strong Honda Alternate?



I’m the kind of person who’s never been able to stick to a single character in any fighting game, ever. I always have one or two mains but my secondary fluctuates every few weeks, it’s gotten to the point I can play about half the cast at a decent (tournament confident) level.

My strongest characters are Honda and Dhalsim (Actually picked him up because I hate Honda/Boxer mirrors), followed closely by around nine other characters. My question is, with the upcoming 2012 changes, who does the Honda forums feel will be my best choice for a go-to alternate/counterpick from the following list?

In no particular order: Seth, Akuma, Oni, Hakan, Cammy, Blanka, Boxer and Fei.

TL;DR Pick my go-to alt for me.


You should be looking to cover Honda’s worst matchups: Sagat, Chun, Guile.

Akuma shits on them.
Blanka does well there too and he’s looking nice in 2012 from what I hear.

Alts I don’t recommend:
Boxer, cause he has similar matchup problems as Honda.
Fei, he’s getting shat on in 2012.


Akuma beats or goes even with basically every bad match Honda has, also covers the dreaded mirror.


Dhalsim, but he’s not on your list.

Otherwise, Seth or Akuma because they both do okay against other fireball chuckers.




No shit but she wasn’t on his list.

I’ve always said Viper and Akuma are Honda’s best teammates.


o_kyosuke, is that you?

my bad, i just skimmed thru his post.


yeah its me…long time…


I’m in a similar position, but I have no narrowed down list. Are there any other characters you guys think are awesome alts for Honda when you have the ENTIRE cast to chose from?


Ibuki imo.


So Akuma, Viper, Ibuki, and Seth, eh? Hmmm…

EDIT: And maybe Blanka or Sim?


Actually, since we’re talking about it, I might as well ask:
I know that Guile, Sagat, and Chun are really hard matches for all of us, but who else do y’all consider really hard match-ups for Honda?

(I’m only asking so that I can narrow things down more for myself)


Dhalsim, he bastard can troll Honda now like no other.


Fei Long, Dhalsim, Seth are all pretty bad. Guile is much easier in AE than he was in Super I think.

Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Deejay, can be hard too, but are more than winnable. There’s other stupid matches like Ibuki, Rufus, Yun, Yang that aren’t really “bad” but are disadvantage IMO. Of course a lot of this is about to change.


Chun, Fei Long, Sagat, Deejay, Sim, Seth, Guile

Chun really feels impossible sometimes, that match is :frowning: and yeah guile is easier now, Deejay is a much bigger problem.


Deejay is hard but, not that hard I think. Just walk forward. His normals and damage aren’t very good. The shortjump knee is kind of annoying though. Ryu and Akuma are harder than Deejay IMO.

Chun is probably within our top 5 worst matchups with Dhalsim, Sagat and debatable others.


Yeah, things are about to change, for sure… Do you guys think they’ll change enough to make some of his bad match-ups go away, or maybe add more to the list?


I don’t think it’ll make any “go away” or anything, but IMO most would go from 6-4 to 5.5.-4.5.


Even though sagat is a hard match, it doesn’t seem like it needs to be top 5 worst for Honda. Any match where Honda can’t even play footsies with jab headbutts has to nominated for worst. Chun, Fei…etc and also the matchups where his suspect wake can be exploited have to get a nod over Gat (viper is an exception since he does well there).

I don’t know, I kind of take this mind set from Cen who always said he was never afraid of gat (after super at least). Because he knows that you can go over low shots with HB, you kind of know your approach when he sees your charged.

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seriouslly Honda does quite fine vs Fei.Anyoen recall Mike Ross beating Mago? Why are people calling one of hes worst matchups? imo 5.5-4.5 Fei in AE and in 2012 I think Honda will win 5.5.-6

For me Sagat Chun and Sim are by far the the worst honda matches.I’d add Seth too but hes not as nearly as bad without hes old j.HP.