Strong shoulder vs. stomp

Ok well, I haven’t seen any threads on this yet but it’s one thing mike was told to do in Japan. It’s basically what you’re “supposed” to do against a wall jump. I personally tried this shit only a few days ago but it is damn out right difficult. Any pointers? Btw, I saw in one of the ranking battles, I forget who the yun was but the chun was rikimaru and he did a wall jump, and then the yun did the shoulder but rikimaru parried it and did a jab (apparently that’s all you get since you’re so low to the ground?)

you’re so silly ken i.

ShortShortsuper Is Sextaro?
" I might have to make a thread about names of players…

EDIT: I Love you Sextaro no Homo…

I donno if that really makes sense or perhaps I just don’t quite understand the scenario you’re talking about:

I’m fairly certain that any shoulder on it’s hitting frame will beat an air stomp but I don’t see how that could be used as a counter since each shoulder has a defined distance to travel and I assume the chun wouldn’t stomp it if the shoulder appeared to be lining up for a hit.

Also as far as using a shoulder to chase a wall jumping chun it could work if she jumped back towards the middle of the screen and specifically high in the air while doing so. If you chased her with a shoulder at that point I imagine Yun would not appear on screen until quite close to when chun lands as he would duck out of vision when executing a shoulder while she was mid air, if you could somehow find a way to consistently hit her with either mp/hp shoulder using this method I suppose it would be very difficult for the chun to see coming, especially if you can execute your shoulder from a crouching position where yun would almost be already off screen entirely due to the camera following chun in the air, this would make it even more deceptive as they wouldn’t be able to see the initial shoulder animation and would only be able to see the end hit.

I’ll test this and post the results.