Stronger Chat Functions for Streams


So when I go to WNF Streams I notice a lot of [S]bull shit [/S] Ugliness in how the chat is maintained, and that’s kind of pulling from the experience of the stream in general, mostly because I like talking to people on stream and constant chat updates from someone spamming some [S]faggot[/S] Guy’s face or yelling FAG FAG FAG FAG FAG over and over again makes it hard to actually comment on what’s happening.

So like, wouldn’t it be cool if Chat side bars had like, Separate rooms for smaller chat groups? Like, a drop down box that let you comment and chat in different areas, so you can chill with some guys in one room while th eguy who likes to spam shit stays in his own room with other spamming guys.

‘But Shinku, you’re a [S]dumbfuck[/S] idiot, you can just ignore the chat you know.’

Well, that kind of defeats the purpose of talking to people on what’s happening, now doesn’t it? Anyway, what do you guys think?


IRC…create your own channel…problem solved.


Thing is, it’s not like you can just grab some smart stream monsters. Or even interested people. But hey, not your problem. Innovating the chat experience would be nice.


Of course you can’t…because there’s no such thing as smart stream monsters.