Strongest non boss character in any 2d sprite fighter. What's your choice?


thread is simple enough.

In your opinion, what are your choices for the strongest characters in a 2D sprite fighting game, that aren’t boss characters?

Here are my top three.
In order of strongest to less strong.

1)Rock Howard—never played mark of the wolves,…just capcom vs snk2,…and this guy is a total BEAST! MAKES ME WANT TO BUY MOTW just for this dude alone.

2)Axl from guilty gear series.–this is EX Axl ,BTW. once you master him,…you are literally UNTOUCHABLE! you can even set the difficulty to max difficulty, play against EX I-NO in versus mode for 50 straight fights…n win 90% of your fights, using him.
EX Axl=2D GOD!!!

3)Ken Masters, of course…from ANY game post original SF2.

what are your picks?


chun li in 3rd strike



what do i win


Versus thread in disguise.

Anywho, gameplay or story wise? If gameplay wise, then you can’t beat stupidly broken ass mugen characters.


Gill SF III!


Dude. He said non boss.

I think my boys Zangief and Hugo are pretty strong but have you seen the damage E Honda does with his thousand hand slap in the original SF2?


Hugo is bottom tier in 3s. You smoke the wrong shit.



‘Strong’. Not ‘Best fighter’.

I’m going by what he said.


Sentinel…damn robot has way too much defense.


Because clearly Rock Howard is the buffest dude around.

Even then you would be wrong, Juggernaut and the Hulk would be much stronger if that’s what you’re going by. And I would still be right because Sentinel destroys all of them.

I would add O.Sagat.



Imma say Yun then. His juggles are insane.


I’ll go with Eddie.


story wise: Slayer?


Story wise? Gameplay wise? Do infinites count, if yes then those chars become to broken games like MKT and MvC2


Clearly it’s Sentinel, no contest. Just look at the amount of force he exerts with just basic movements and flight, he could probably boot the universe into another dimension if he were programmed to do anything but hunt down mutants.


Storyline-wise, it would be probably not Sentinel but some “god” or “devil” type character, creator of universe, you name it


Petshop, where’s my money?



I guess I should have been more specific or explanatory.

I used the word “strong” because I didn’t want to use the words “top tier”, because if someone choose a particular character in a top tier character thread,…it would start a whole raging debate as to whether or not that mentioned character was top tier or not. So I avoided the top tier description entirely.

What I mean by strong is this…
a character that isn’t so much high up in attack or defense power, or ultra fast in speed, or any other statistical advantage over other characters…but well rounded.

In essence, WELL ROUNDED.
Meaning, a character that, in the right hands, are extremely difficult to defeat no matter which character you choose to oppose that strong character, or, no matter what strategy, technique, or moveset you throw at that strong character…that strong character will be able to ward off, compensate, and overcome pretty much anything you throw at em.
Also, and this is why I didn’t want to use the words top tier, that strong character, does not have to be recognized as a top tier character by the masses of people, but, in the hands of a player who has mastered that character’s strengths and weaknesses, has TURNED that particular character, into a extremely difficult to defeat, character.

For example, EX Axl from guilty gear,…not really considered top tier by most people, but once mastered, can be a extremely difficult to defeat character.

Lastly, I mean a strong character only in versus mode, 1st player vs 2nd player…no story mode because you are playing against the AI, and that character might have status advantages that won’t be found in versus mode.


In short this is a dumb thread made by yet another dumb 10er.


this guy is just upset because i said that i said that i thought sf3 sucked, and that i hated it. which i have the right to do.

i really dont understand why these dudes get their panties up in a bunch if someone states that they dislike their favorite game.
i really dont understand why they feel the need to take things personally.

if someone said to me “hey, i don’t like the guilty gear series, i think GG sucks!”—i would be like, “sure, whatever”

but these losers spazz out and have a meltdown if you badmouth their favorite game.

What? do they own stock in capcom incorperated?
I highly doubt these immature losers own ANYTHING.