Strongest oro combo off saIII

What’s the strongest Oro combo after you end a saIII combo in the corner w/o reset? What’s the strongest stun combo after saIII juggle?

Strongest non-stun combo after EX Tengu: Chicken combo (4 hits), Strong Uppercut.

Strongest stun combo after EX Tengu: character specific.
Shotos/Urien/Makoto/Twelve/Twins/(Alex/Oro)*: Roundhouse x2, far Forward, backfist.
Hugo/Chun/Necro/Elena: Roundhouse x2, far Forward x4.
Dudley/Ibuki/Remy: Roundhouse, far Forward x2, backfist.
Q: Roundhouse x6.

Universal**: chicken combo (2 hits), close Jab, dash, chicken combo (2 hits), Strong Uppercut.

  • This juggle is very difficult on Alex and Oro. Roundhouse x2, backfist is easier.

** Works midscreen on everyone but Twins/Hugo. Works on everyone in the corner.