Strongest S-Tier(s) in the past few years

So I’m just wondering who do you feel has been the most overwhelming S-Tier (or God tier whatever you wanna call it) in a fighting game in the past few years? I don’t think any of the Street Fighter 4 series S-tier were TOO broken. I’m sure some will say AE Yun/Fei Long and some might even say Vanilla Sagat/Ryu/Akuma.

Obviously Marvel 3 Phoenix was S-Tier. She gets my vote honestly. She changed the way the entire game was played.

BBCT had Nu/Arakune/Rachel but I never played CT seriously so I could never really comprehend them.

There are other fighting games that I never got into. (Arcane Heart, Melty Blood, etc) So if you think one of the character’s from one of those other game I would appreciate it if you could talk about what they were capable of.

IS there a difference between S-tier and God tier?

In either case, I think Yun was a stupid S-tier. He had matchup charts very close to the charts in games like 3s. And 3s had a horrible matchup chart.

When I did play Blaze Blue (I only played Calamaity trigger) Nu was definitely stupid. She even had an 8-2 matchup with Tager

From what I’ve played, Vanilla MvC3 Dark Phoenix easily. Let’s say that I, a player that can barely pull off a tridash, am in a tournament and I’m up against Justin Wong, a player who vastly out skills me. No problem, just pick Phoenix. Get 5 bars, get to Dark Phoenix, use level 3 X-Factor.

And with that, all semblance of who is the more skilled and talented player is immediately thrown out the window. From there, I have a 50/50 shot of defeating Justin Wong simply because I picked Dark Phoenix. If that isn’t broken, I don’t know what is.

Yun was mostly overpowered, because all the top tiers in SSF4 were nerfed to the ground in AE. Strength wise, Yun was nowhere near as good as vanilla Sagat.

S-tiers in these new games don’t hold a candle to the old S-tier. d3v made a chart before I believe it had Ivan Ooze at the top followed by ST Akuma and JoJo PetShop

Maybe someone could put all of the S-Tiers in a Mugen game so we can finally know the answer to who is the strongest S-Tier ever

Ivan Ooze easily but that guy is full of cheating.

I think that either #R Eddie or AC+ Eddie would shit on a whole lot of other S tiers.

K’ and Raiden in KOF XIII arcade.

Top tier in Marvel vs Capcom 3(not ultimate) by order of retardation:

Dark Phoenix
Albert Wesker

These five were the absolute worst of the top ten(the next five were not that bad, even Zero) and stupid beyond belief. Five bars meant that you were most likely dead, Dante had damage out the ass combined with godlike reach/a free fucking invincible move that leads into death combos/3 meter combos, Magneto was one of the fastest characters in the game with the best beam, Wolverine had free pressure using berderper slash into 8 hit 700k combos or some shit(fucking dumb)combined with a retarded hitbox on a safe ass divekick that even XF cancels couldn’t always beat and Wesker had full screen gun combos combined with some of the most retarded X-Factor bonuses in the game(which they trimmed in Ultimate and then nearly brought back with glasses buff).

It was a dumb fucking top tier that would make people think that the game was designed by Capcom’s marketing department instead of the dev team. Combining some of these characters with a specific assist(Tatsu, gustav flame, lariat) basically shut down the game unless you were Combofiend with the most godly synergy ever. The game was terrible by the end because of these top five in particular…

One problem with your post Petshop isn’t banned.

vanilla sagat

I wish we would have had a tier list made for the end of vanilla.

My S-tiers in vanilla were.

Best. Idea. Ever.

It doesn’t matter, because the F1 button has 11/-1 vs all of them.

Meh… none of the recent S-tiers can even hold a candle to 3S Chun/Yun (let alone Ivan Ooze).

Most of them have their own bad matchups and counter picks, we’ve yet to see an character who shuts down the entire cast with 8:2s in their favor for nearly every matchup.

Natsu in SCV is a VERY strong contender for this…

Ahem, and people say Capcom is making worse games now? Rofl

The fuck? Has the game even been out for a week yet?

A number of folks in the SC community are strong believers in day 1 tier lists. Personally, I blame the French (but then again, I blame them for alot of things).

more balance/less broken does not = good, or mvc2 would have been the shittiest game in the galaxy

Vanilla Sagat.
Vanilla Akuma.

Probably some MK shit (not that I’d play it).
BBCT Nu was disgusting only in half her matchups.

GG (any) Eddie just by design.