Strongest version of sakura



So we all heard the news, and now I’m wondering, which version of Sakura is the strongest? I don’t know if vanilla Sak was fully explored, but she just seems to be one of the characters that benefited from every iteration…except in ultra =(.

And has she always had that glorious jumping fierce hitbox?


I’m pretty sure her AE 2012 version is the best, since she kept getting buffs throughout the years to make her stronger. I remember playing vanilla once a couple of months ago and you couldn’t even do level 3 fireball setups, because the recovery of those was too slow.


AE 2012 Sak is the best version imo. In Vanilla she had no hard knockdown from otoshi x2 & no crossup plus no Ultra2.


This is an easy question. Most certainly AE 2012. She received a ton of buffs for 2012 including faster fireball recovery, and larger attack frames


Alot of hidden buffs and i’ve already covered one of them, making the honda matchup 1000% times easier