Struggling to get better. Any mentors?

I’ve only had street fighter for about two weeks an I’ve never really played much fighting games Only SSBBrawl really and I’m finding it really hard to get better at the game because I have no one to help me practice and when I go online I end up being beaten in a matter of seconds and don’t have a chance to apply the little I know. Is there any one who would like to sort of mentor me and help me to get better?

vesper arcade tutorials on youtube, trrianing mode , and spend time learning match ups. it will take time and i learn something new everyday i play as well.

If you play on PSN, I’ll see if I can help you out a bit. I’m not the greatest but I have more then 2 weeks of experience. I also switched from Smash to Street Fighter so I know how that transition feels. It sucks. Not much transfers from one game to the other outside of basic fighting game tips like spacing and reading.

Great :slight_smile: Im on PS3 my PSN is supersmashguy213

I’m also a complete scrub in sf4 coming from 7 years of competitive melee so if you want to play sometime my PSN is Tundravalco. I’m not good at all and struggle to keep my PP above 200 but when I decide to get good at a game it becomes my world so I’m hoping to improve fast. Lets improve together :slight_smile:

Please use the online matchmaking section for all your looking for other players needs.