Struggling with basic combos in SFxT

Alright, so this is the first game I’m using my stick for that uses 6 buttons. I started with SFIV on a 360 pad 'cause I couldn’t afford a stick at that time, and while I couldn’t do all the combos I wanted to in that game, I made do with what I cared to learn. I mean, with Cammy for example, I could easily do things like, c.lp, xx h.spiral arrow up to stuff like cs xx fadc xx cs fadc xx ultra.

So now I’m switching to a stick… and I know my execution needs work, but I guess this new engine is confusing me. I know, c.lp, xx h.spiral arrow is still possible, but I only get it like 25% of the time, the other 75% she just cancels into I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong… I know I’m doing the motion… as I have input being displayed. Am I not cancelling fast enough, do I need to let the stick return to neutral before spiral arrow (seems ridiculous), or what?

It seems like it comes out the most when I press hk before the qcf motion and let it go when it finishes, but why would that be the case? I’m so confused right now.

Edit: Here’s my inputs on trying a,, c.lp,, xx h.spiral arrow

Everything came out except the spiral arrow, she cancelled into a

I dunno if light kicks can chain on Cammy, if they can, that’s your problem.
Pretend Cross Rush doesn’t exist to make this explanation easier
Within a combo there’s a limit on cancels.
Once you chain normals (That includes chaining lk, lk) the limit is reached, you cannot do any cancels in that combo now except for chaining, on the 4 light kicks, they lightly cancel into each other (Not on the very first active frame that hits the opponent like a regular cancel, but you cancel a good chunk of the last recovery frames)
Since you’re chaining, then trying to go into a special, the special cancel doesn’t work.
What you need to do is reset the limit with a link, a link is letting the entire move animate from start to finish, then comboing the next move, if you do it accurately, you can allow the whole light kick to come out, recover, and do another light kick before they recover from hitstun, this whole process is very fast so all you can do is adjust your timing by milliseconds.

On the 4th light kick, delay it, allow the 3rd light kick to come out, hit, and recover, before you throw out the 4th one, again, the timing is really strict on this so don’t be surprised if you can’t do it consistently at first.
since the cancel limit is reset, your Spiral Arrow will now come out.

I’m sorry if you already knew all this rubbish.

Wasn’t aware of the cancel limit, but I’m only using 3 lk and 1 lp, basic Cammy combo that I can do easily in SFIV but for some reason 75% of the time I end up getting a neutral or crouching round house instead of Spiral Arrow. Though 25% of time I’m able to make the combo work… it’s really the same when I don’t start with a jumping light.

Basically, if I did, c.lp, xx h.spiral arrow… most of the time I’ll just get that same roundhouse. I’m not having any problems comboing, c.lp,… cancelling the last into SA.

Thanks for your insight, though, perhaps if I try to link the lights instead of canceling them it’ll work. I just don’t get why it was so easy in SFIV and I can’t pull it out now… even with the switch to stick.

Liked your post because you took the time to post an image of your actual inputs. In any case, the previous poster is probably correct in that the problem is that it’s because you can’t cancel a chain into a special. Try doing the same motion and timing with an EX SA instead. If the move comes out, then you know your problem is that you’re chaining the last instead of linking it.

Frame data change between games, but It’s possible that you found it easier to do in SFIV because Cammy’s chain cancels from a cr.lp were actually buggy, which meant that you were forced to do it slower than you expect in order to get the combo. I don’t know if this same bug exists in SFxT.


how can u guys read the frame with so much accuracy, ok all my trial like in SSf4 and SSFea4 and now Sf x Tek end aroudn lvl 12 because i am not able to link any low correctly ie: juri Trial no 13 in Sf x Tek, the high kick crouch never enter even if i do everything fine when i check my log. And cammy by god i wanna play her and for some reason even the mid kick stand medium punch never enter or whatever the combinaison, please this is a shout from the heart help me ! Eeach caracthere in all figthing games have to do those low chain link how do you guys do, how do you pratice and learn i practice and practice but i dont get it ive spend over 300 hours to try whatever and it wont work !

if it did we all would be pros

It’s likely you just got very used to the timing in SFIV without knowledge of the cancel limit, the timing has most definitely changed in xTK.

(By the way linking lights with Cammy is nowhere near as cool as close mp, cr. HP, cr. MK xx Spiral Arrow)

they’re links.
watch the animation, and learn the rhythm. its a repetitive process to get the feeling down but its pretty easy to know how close you are. if the second attack doesnt come out, you hit the button too early. if it comes out and is blocked, too late. so you can always adjust based on that.

Thanks everyone for the help. I’m just gonna keep plugging away at it.

I can actually do that one with no problem, which is part of the reason it’s so frustrating that I’m struggling with, c.lp, xx h.spiral arrow.

Well the thing about the mp, cr. HP, cr. MK links is that they cannot be chained, once you have the timing down enough to hit them then it will work.
The problem with the lights is the fact that you have to time it right so that it doesn’t chain, and seeing a difference between the chain and the link is much more difficult than hitting and not hitting.