Struggling with D/F input on a square gate

I’ve been recently trying to do the OTGF with Heihachi on TTT2. But have extreme difficulty inputting the d/f from neutral on P2. I can do it 2/10 usually on P1. But on P2 whenever I try to do the d/f from neutral it hits f or d before it inputs a d/f. Is this an execution error that can be practiced over time? Or am I better off switching to an octagonal gate for easier definition on diagonal inputs?

I’d advise not switching to an oct gate. I made that mistake myself shortly after purchasing my first stick and overall I feel my execution suffered from it despite being able to hit certain inputs. The problem is that while an oct gate may make more sense, there’s actually less activation area in the corners so it’s easier to miss the diagonal input.

Oct gates also encourage “riding the gate” to execute your inputs when what you should be doing is practicing hitting stuff with the bare minimum motion. Move the stick around until you hear/feel a click, that click is the point at which the input is registered. What you ultimately want is to be able to move the stick from click to click for your motions instead of slamming it against the gate for everything.

Ultimately it’s your call but ALL execution can be improved with practice and time, shortcuts are generally self-hindering in the end.

Alright I’ll spend some time on it and see how I go, thanks for the advice Man.

Octogate is a crutch like training wheels