Struggling with execution

just started playing sf4

wad is exactly better way to shoryuken?

i m having troubles chaining combos in ryu trials, its hard to get the moves to come out consecutively.

simple moves such as cr m punch x2 cr h kick

how is it possible to shoryuken into a shinku hadouken?

using stick btw

did you read the stickies?


You must do some research on how combos work. I don’t play SF anymore but…

1.easiest way to shoryuken is to use the input buffer of the game and hold forward and then to shoukd do a fireball motion. punchx2 to are all links.

3.Do a medium SRK then FADC(Focus Attack Dash Cancel) on the first or second hit.

I made a crappy video for a friend but it’s sufficient,

Even though you are on stick, instead of pressing L2 you are pressing MP and MK, concept is still the same.