Struggling with Fundamentals

(I wasn’t sure if this idea belogned here or in Matchmaking, so appoligies in advance if I guessed wrong.)

Basically, I could really use someone to practice against and really help me out with my game. I was playing a person I had met online, and I asked him to critique my gameplay. He’s a cool, laid-back guy that kicked my ass at least 2 dozen times over the course of an hour and a half. So he laid out what all I was doing wrong and what I need to improve upon. I’m no noob; I’ve been playing SSF4 since launch so I’m hardly a stranger to this game but I’m always learning.

Now, I’ve read the guides that are posted here, I’ve watched the Saikyo Execution videos as well as almost all of Vesper Arcade’s tutorial vids, and they’ve all helped in some way. But, something is just not clicking with me, I’m still doing really bad, I’m still playing very basic and flowchart-y. My execution isn’t terrible (I’ve got baseball mits for hands so FADC’ing gives me trouble) and I’m rocking a SE stick with Sanwa stick, buttons and an 8-gate so I’m pretty sure it isn’t the hardware. The character I’m practicing hard at the moment is Fei-Long, and I’m really trying to get better with him but I’m treading water really bad. My character of preferrence before was Sagat, so I’m not used to aggressive, rush-down play style, and I hesitate a lot when trying to find a good time use a combo or to apply pressure.

I feel like I need someone to help beat the fundamentals into me, because just watchign, reading, and practicing on my own isn’t helpign me all that much. I’m AWARE of the basics and what they are, but they just don’t stick with me, or register, for whatever reason.

I am on XBL and my schedule (if you can call it that) is very open and I’m available to play whenever. Gamertag is Tyeal and I’ll be oh so thankful for any help I’m offered.