Struggling with Gief



I know there’s alot of information about gief out on this site but I don’t know how to actually win it constantly since it’s rufus hardest match-up and maybe vs hugo it’ll be tougher however I’m looking to see if anybody has gief experience and with be able to sit down with me in the online training mode and help me figure out how to master this match-up add my friends acc L Zen 07 (since he has the gold for now) but my gt is OG Swiizy or follow me on twitter OG_Swiizy and we can talk from there if we can’t play usf4


i couldn’t beat a gief player at the weekly tournies in my home town, so i just learned sim.

it was dirty, but it worked


i was thinking about learning sagat for rufus bad match-up’s but i don’t like his style of play he’s really weird and sim’s just defensive idk who to counter pick with against rufus bad match-up’s


Also one of Rufus’ harder matchups is Sagat himself, and you don’t want to mirror match a Sagat main with your pocket Sagat!

I’ve been learning Chun Li - it’s not a hard counter to Sagat but it deals with Gief okay, and she also seems good against Gouken who’s my other problem matchup. I’m tempted to just go to the dark side and pick Yun who seems to just murder everyone in this game. Juri is supposed to be good against both Sagat and Zangief but she’s not a particularly straightforward character to learn.

Or you could learn someone like Rose who’s not necessarily a hard counter to Rufus’ bad matchups but at least gives you a patient keepaway option for when you can’t get in. She loves absorbing Sagat’s fireballs, too.


yea man i think that problem will be fixed i struggle against gief and sagat but i know i’ma main rufus and alternate chun-li rufus to play against all the cast except against gief & hugo since i think chun beats hugo and i know she can body gief players lets play on xbl OG Swiizy


if your struggling against gouken ( i used to) you can’t really dive kick him because he can counter but you can empty jump into sweep if he does go for a counter and i think tht’s his biggest thing over rufus i mean you can jump over fireballs not gt threw them but sweep and cr.hp is the best thing in this match-up imo don’t be afraid to throw that mother fucker as well


Yeah, it’s getting close that’s the problem and working around that MP fireball - hits Rufus in the head as he approaches, beats GT, beats most of his jump attempts, etc. Mostly I think I just need more patience, though!

I’m in the UK so I don’t think we’ll get a good match, but thanks for the advice.


I do play on xbl my gt is OG Swiizy I live in NYC so if anybody is struggling against gouken or a rufus mirror or a sagat maybe even a gief i have a few ideas on how to beat them