Struggling with Ken, especially

… on getting in close to attempt combos, cant seem to get in close proximity on players without walking/dashing into a grab or combo.

I especially struggle against hugo, any advice?

the only advice i have is to zone them so that you stay within sweep range. once they make a mistake or whiff a move then you go for the knockdown. once they’re down you get in close and mix it up with high, lows, and throws.

ill give it a try - its gotta be better than what im doing now!

Some of Ken’s punches give +3 on block, if you hit their block with it and dash afterwards, they’ll have enough frames against them for you to block. Some moves are on the border though, so if you see a move used against you you know which one he’ll have to reversal to get a hit on you.

A good thing about this however is that players are often not fast enough in determining whether you are dashing or not, so they are forced to predict your dash and act against it. If they predict wrong, that move will come out, and that will be yours to punish with c.MK XX SA3; be fast though.

Another thing to get in range is to force your opponent to do nothing. If your opponent keeps spamming out moves to keep you away, stand right outside his range and go fish for those moves, once they come out and whiff, punish them. When he’s doing nothing you can do a quick dash with throw/mp,hp mixup.

I struggle with the same thing against good players.

Versus Hugo specifically though, waiting for C.HK opportunities isn’t a great idea. All his low pokes have significantly greater range than Ken’s and hitting his limbs will often result in a traded hits. EX Hadoken is a better option, from just outside his reach and will get you the knock down you need.

classic ken game.

1 more step to this is learning how to use bar and when to use it but other than that, thats all ken really is. Knockdown into mixup and zone into hit confirm super with mixup options.

hugos poke whiff really slow. Get him to whiff a standing stong or low forward and low forward super or sweep that shit. For the op. listen to wha the other guys are saying. try to punish your opponents missed moves with a sweep and then dash in for wakeup game. Dont forget your anti airs too. jump ins used sparingly are good for getting close also

I’ve beaten good hugo players with Ex-Tatsu crossups alone…
besides that make sure you can see when hes going to try and meaty with clap or whiff it into 360
Also since hes so damn tall jump back roundhouse as he gets up actually works against his wake-up 360.
Instead of trying to dodge his gigas set-up you should try to bait him into using it after you attack him offensively abit then jump at the last second.