Struggling with MVC3


 I just wanted to say, I am no stranger to fighting games.   I've been in my local tournament scene for years, and I've attended majors.  Not to say I'm a great player, but I'm solid enough in games.

I’ve also played multiple games, but mainly only S/SFIV in tournaments. I’ve also played MVC2 in tournaments as well, and I’m a vetern MVC2 player.

Although I was always somewhat mediocore in MVC2 (it was far from being my best game) with my experience I was able to do okay in it. There was only a certain level I couldn’t touch, but those guys were pretty high up. I could go head to head with above average players.

Fast forward to MVC3. Immediate when I started to play the game I started to lose. The good thing is that I understand why I lose. I lose because people start mashing buttons anytime I get close to them. I’ll be honest, I’m an old scrub player in MVC2, so I like to play keep away and run away.

My first team was Trish, Dormamu, and M.O.D.O.K. I had a lot of struggles. Not only was it easy for people to get in on my team, they also had tons of meter. Seems like you can get meter from just mashing buttons. Anytime I would get someone in an opportunity to combo them, I find myself getting launched. People would be constantly pressing a,b,c, launcher the entire match.

With this is mind, and with my frustration, I figured I should try to rush down, and I moved to MSS (Magneto, Storm, Sentinel).  I found this worked to great affect, as I started to win with EM disruptor spam, and having Sentinel around to take out what garbage was left.   I became so good at keep away with this team, I nearly got top 8 at a local tournament with 55-60 entrants.

I’ve been in the lab so hard in this game. I’m 31 with a full time job, so I can’t play like I want. But anytime I’m playing the game, I’m in training mode. I have a friend who loves to just mash buttons and he beats me quite a lot. He is either mashing on buttons, or just doing random supers, and I lose to it. Any advice on how to stop someone from mashing? In SSFIV and games like ST I just used frame traps or footsies to bait out mashes. In this game it seems harder. In MVC2 no one really mashed, and mashing was easier to punish. In this game, I can’t seem to stop people from mashing.

One of my main problems is combos. I finally learned Magneto old and new loop, and I can never get it off in a match. Anytime I connect a cr.a, I just get launched. It’s like I can’t get these combos to work, but maybe it’s because I try to hit confirm them. My friend converts all of his combos to damage because he’s always just dialing in the sequence. I think it’s stupid to do this because it’s basically mashing. I hope this is not what’s necessary to combo in this game.

Another issue I’m having is with meter. I never have a lot of meter to do anything. Yet my friend is always sitting on a ton of meter every match. I also can’t consistently counter air exchanges, nor can I seem to reliably punish anything unsafe he does (he plays pretty unsafe).

My friend use Wesker, Doom, Sentinel. But he really just dash forward and mash buttons the entire match. I swear I’ve lost matches just because he got a good mash. I am not great at offense, but I really would like a good keep away team that can build meter, has good combos, and has some sort of strategy. I really want to become better at this game, but my friend is really a scrub, and I need to be able to beat him if I’m to move to the next level. He got elminated in our first local MVC3 tournament pretty early, and I got a lot further simply because of my blocking. But I need to be able to blow up his tactics.

And in general I just need help on comobing in an actual match. This really gets me in trouble a lot.

i know what you mean sort of, but let me just say those old strategies do not work as well in 3. mashers get rewarded even more than in mvc2. for instance i was playing a buddy of mine, i was running wolverine/sent/doom he was playing akuma/cap/shuma…all he did was mash tatsu then crouching light 5 times and when it connected launch into 123 gouhadou. he won a few off me, and it was really frustrating, but it was good to learn that…sometimes someone playing like a total scrub will throw you off your game and surprise you. you have to be able to beat anything. if its a long set, you should be able to adapt to the scrubby play and just pushblock, block low more, call your assists at the right time, etc.

I have two main comments to make:

  1. As you seem to have discovered, learning to execute combos in training mode and learning to confirm into them in actual matches are quite different things. My general strategy is to learn a technique, then get together with a friend for casuals (barring that, turn on the AI) and go for that technique constantly (even so far as to play a different style of game, if that’s what it takes) until I have down what I need to look for in order to land it.

  2. Learn to punish unsafe attacks with on reaction, and to pushblock single hits from your opponent. Honestly, this seems like the biggest flaw in your play. It’s not a matter of mashing in a full combo, but you usually shouldn’t try to confirm plain 2:l: either - react to apparent opportunities in close range with a short, relatively safe string which can be canceled into a special to build distance on block and which you can confirm into good damage on hit. You might also consider learning a few frametrap strings to bait out punishment attempts from the other player. If you can find a few relatively safe strings which you can confirm into damage on hit or a frametrap on block, you’ll have all the tools you need to deal with opponents who manage to get in on you.