Struggling with TTT2 notation


Here’s perhaps a scrubby question but I’d be greatful if someone could field it for me. I’ve always wanted to get into Tekken games but they seem pretty complex. Every time I pick one up I read a few combos online, and uh, fail basically. It’s difficult to understand what I’m doing wrong.

I mean I can read the notation, and I can execute what it says, but hm, shit doesn’t work? I’m sure there must be some ommited subtleties to timing / spacing, or something of that nature, but if someone could help me with a couple of bnbs for Asuka I think I’d have a much better grasp on the game.

For instance here’s a combo listed on TekkenZaibatsu, it’s a really simple Asuka BNB.


  • b+4,2,B! uf+3, b+2,4,3 (7 hits, 74 TAG dmg)

Every time I try this it drops after uf+3. If I separate the combo into two, 1+2:

  • b+4,2,B!, uf+3 B+2, 4, 3 I can execute these without problem. So what is it that’s causing me to drop it in the longer combo? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

I’m not exactly masterful at fighting games but I’ve never had trouble comprehending the notation of anything beyond Tekken. I can always execute or at the very least understand what’s written down, even if not consistently, but it seems on Tekken I’m at a loss. This of course isn’t the only combo I struggle with in this regard, this is just a simple example.

If anyone could enlighten me as to what’s eluding me here, I’d appreciate it.



This doesn’t seem to be a problem with notation and more of an issue where the longer a combo goes, the harder it is to link certain parts together.

Splitting combos into parts is good to see how some portions of that part fit together when it might seem like they don’t, but when putting together some combos, those parts can be difficult to link up with each other to make the full combo.

Asuka, in particular, has some really difficult stuff just because the timing is so tight. It’s just a matter of experimentation and practice. Very rarely will you see a combo that does not list a necessary dash/sidestep/motion to complete the combo.


Thanks for the help. I realised I was reading the notation wrong and pressing UF+4 instead of UF+3. Pretty stupid mistake but UF+4 is a launcher which looks like it would work so that’s why it didn’t click first time.

Still, I find execution really tricky on this game. As I say I’m not the best player of fighting games generally, and often don’t have the time to attain the muscle memory required to play at a really high level, however do you have any recommendations for characters to pick up? If Asuka is timing intensive then something with a softer learning curve might ease me into the game better.



If it helps, Asuka’s really hard stuff is also the super situational stuff that you won’t be pulling off to often. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

It’s just that her hard stuff is really hard, is all.

Easy characters to pick up in general are Asuka, Feng, Paul, maybe Heihachi, maybe Leo, Jack is really easy too. Oh, Wang is a great starting character as well.

This game is different from having “tech heavy characters” and “simple execution characters” where every character has easy stuff and every character has hard stuff. The difference is just that the hard stuff is usually situational or extra gay or something; you can do the simple stuff with even characters like Kazuya (who people will never recommend you to start off with for whatever reason) and get by, but if you don’t hit the hard stuff, you won’t be taking full advantage of the character.


mmmm every character is pretty “timing intensive”. I’d say Asuka’s curve is managable and she is definitely rewarding the more time you put in. If you say you won’t play or reach a super high level then I would advise you to stick with her.

The main advice I would give to you is if you get just stomped to the point you’re at a loss against it make note of it and then later go back and correct it in fight lab or something. There are very bad matchups that can make you feel like you can’t win, but keep in mind it’s more dependent on if your opponent knows Asuka well. I’ve personally strayed away from her for that reason despite maining her for an eternity.


yeah honestly I wouldn’t try any characters super situational and character specific stuff. Stick to the tried and true BnB’s of the characters you’re learning.


Just to be clear it’s not Tekken notation but notation.

In Japan they use the same notation for all the games. numpad+LP,RP,LK,RK.


what does WS mean? while standing?


Yes it does