Stryfe presents... Uprising!- Saturday July 17th- Vernon, CT- SSF4, GGAC, MBAA.

I compiled these and I’m posting them on behalf of Stryfe. (She has an SRK account, but can’t make threads on these forums yet.)

GGXX?C singles results (Tonamento link)

  1. MarlinPie (Slayer)
  2. Zidane (Anji)
  3. Light Nazgul (Testament)
  4. blueNINE
  5. Vyers
  6. XAQshinor
  7. Mindgam3
  8. mynus
  9. Nuclear Cheese
  10. DaiAndOh
  11. Mr. Quotes
  12. Tales
  13. aria
  14. Baka
  15. Mike Kelly
  16. Max
  17. Furok
  18. Stryfe
  19. kona

SSFIV singles results (Tonamento link)

  1. Min (Honda, Fei Long)
  2. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez (Dhalsim, Rose, Adon)
  3. NerdJosh (Sagat)
  4. HBRD
  5. MarlinPie
  6. Kyriptic
  7. blueNINE
  8. DSP
  9. Domo
  10. Mayu
  11. Tad Bit Crazy
  12. Mr. Quotes
  13. The Realyst
  14. kona
  15. XAQshinor
  16. Dash
  17. Merkilo
  18. Chakl
  19. Zorin
  20. Mayor McJustin
  21. Ewic
  22. dumba989
  23. Mike Kelly
  24. Hippie

MBAA singles results (Tonamento link)

  1. Mynus (F-Maids)
  2. Spooky (V-Sion)
  3. LordPangTong (V-Akiha)
  4. XAQshinor
  5. Mingam3
  6. NerdJosh
  7. Nuclear Cheese
  8. Furok
  9. Tales
  10. The Lazy One
  11. Mr. Quotes
  12. Zidane

GGXX?C teams results

  1. Got’Em (XAQ, Zidane, Marlin)
  2. Team NY (Chaz, Biscuits, Drunken Chicken)
  3. 8-Bit Gnome Gods of the Pixel Apocolypse (Vyers, Cheese, Nazgul)
  4. Cheesy breakfast of the snorkelpuffy fun brigade (Mindgam3, Noisetank, Baka)
  5. The Magic of Skirts (Tales, Kona, Furok)
  6. Team blueNerd (blueNINE, NerdJosh)
  7. Centurions (Justo, Zoob, Zorin)
  8. Team Canada Eh (Stryfe, aria, Why Disciple)

SSFIV teams results

  1. Team Spooky (Min, Arturo)
  2. Team Bowl of Soul (DS, Nerdjosh)
  3. Viper Sleepover (MarlinPie, Mr. Quotes)
  4. Winona Ryder (Zorin, Merkilo)
  5. Wolfman Gerber Baby (XAQ, Biscuits)
  6. Yoshi’s cookie (Domo, Butters)
  7. I heart John Rambo (DPS, Mayor McJustin)
  8. Team Bruce Lee and Spitch (Lazy, Kyriptic)
  9. Why u getting Setted On? (Justo, Rene)
  10. Team We’z a Famiry (Kona, blueNINE)
  11. Talu (Mindgam3, LPT)
  12. Double Dragon (Otakuchin, Bicious)
  13. Red vs Blue (Baka, Cliff)

Thanks to Stryfe for organizing this, to Fraga and everyone else who helped to run it, and to Team Spooky for driving down and providing the live stream! And, of course, thanks to everyone who made it to the event. Hope to see you at the next one!

Here are the videos:

SSF4 Playlist:

GGAC playlist:

MBAA playlist:


Team Spooky is on point.

Spooky, the MBAA playlist is the same link as the GGAC playlist.

Shout outs for me on dustloop. Good shit all who showed. Had fun doing GGAC commentary.

fun tournament. good seeing ct/ma ppl again

op needs to be corrected. team viper sleepover got 2nd place in super 2v2. they beat bowl of soul in losers finals

my bad fixed the link

Min is godlike.

Good seeing the CT/NY crowd again, hopefully more of MA will come out to the next one. I would’ve been able to drive people but I wasn’t sure if I had a ride myself until 2 hours before the tournament, LOL.

Shoutouts to blueNINE, Nerdjosh, LPT, and everyone else for generally being godlike.


Ill get youuuuuuuuuuu

SSFIV teams results

  1. Team Bowl of Soul (DS, Nerdjosh)
  2. Viper Sleepover (MarlinPie, Mr. Quotes)

is that correct?