Stryfe's Uprising! March 26th Battleground Arena, Vernon CT: SSF4, MVC3, BB/AH3/GG

Alright, my Uprising’s are back, and I plan on running them on a bi-monthly schedule. As far as the games I’m holding, the last one is undecided. I want everyone to vote in the last game in the lineup. Before, it would be Guilty Gear by default, but there’s a few thing’s I want to bring up…

The state of GG in general. I LOVE the game. It’s one of the most solid fighter’s ever made, and it’s the game that got me into the fighting scene. I unfortunately started playing seriously in 09 when the game’s community started moving on >_>; I’m not saying this about east coast, but as the community as a whole. Realistically, only 2-3 state’s really play GG outside of tournaments. Optimistically, I want to attract more player’s to the game (which is why I started this series.) At every major i’ve gone to, the same player’s attend without any expansion of the scene…the same 30-50 people roughly. I can’t honestly say our game is alive when new life isn’t coming into our community. I want to know that running GG on the stream will make an overall difference. The community makes or breaks a game, and it seems like ours gave up on it. Again, I’m not speaking on NY or NE because you guys still put in work. People say the game isn’t completely dead, which I agree with due to turnout at majors. But I can’t say a game is alive when only the SAME handful of people in the entire country play, and a game where a lot of us have to drive for hours just to play one or two people. I’m running this tournament for the fighting game community in general. Not just for GG. So, I’m placing the decision to run GG on a vote. I wanted to voice my opinion on the community because the only way to fix something is to address it. The games to vote on are going to be Guilty Gear, Arcana Heart(crack) 3, and Blazblue: CS. Everyone can feel free to voice their opinion without it turning into flaming. I want you guys to tell me what you think and what you want in this next tournament.

The rules, games, and times will be updated when the third game is chosen, and when I have more concrete detail’s on how Marvel will be setup.

Host venue:

The Battle Ground Game Arena
378 Kelly Road, Unit #3
Vernon, CT USA 06066


Saturday March 26th, 2011. The venue opens at noon. Registration starts at noon.
Time edit: SSFIV teams will be taken out to ensure that there will be enough time for Marvel singles.
SSFIV singles will start at 2:00 pm.
Marvel vs Capcom 3 singles will start at 4:00 pm.
Guilty Gear Accent Core singles will start at 2:00 pm during SSFIV singles.


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (PS2)
Super Street Fighter IV (360)
Marvel vs Capcom 3 (360)

There will be an Arcana Heart 3 side tournament. I’ll arrange space and time to run it.


Venue fee - $5

SSFIV singles - $10
Guilty Gear Accent Core singles- $10
Marvel vs Capcom 3 singles- $10

Pot split.

Singles - 70/20/10 (or 70/30, if the turnout is low)



-BYOC (bring your own controller)
-No pausing during match
-Rounds are set at 3
-Best 2 out of 3 matches
-Best 3 out of 5 matches for all finals
-Double elimination
-Time limit set to 99

SSFIV singles (360):

-See general rules
-All characters allowed
-Winner must keep the same character, but can select a new ultra in game 2 or 3, but has to pick the ultra before the opponent picks theirs. This does not apply to blind pick.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (360)

-See general rules
-All characters allowed

GG 3v3 teams (PS2):

-No use of like characters (Ky, Ky, and Sol, etc.)
-After team member loses match, next team member plays
-No EX, gold, or shadow characters
-Kliff and Justice banned

GG singles (PS2):

-See general rules
-No EX, gold, or shadow characters
-Kliff and Justice banned
-Button mapping allowed

One more reminder to bring SETUPS! And get hype!

You should be running this on 360 for MvC3 and Super.

SSF4 will now be held on 360 due the community using 360 set-ups for sometime now, however Marvel will still be on ps3, also the vote for the third and final game is to remain only on dustloop to avoid double voting

ew ps3.

scratch that marvel will be on 360 now too to avoid swtiching out systems and saving time


Bump for hypeeeee! Stream will be done by Team Spooky :slight_smile:

Also, I’m willing to run Marvel team’s if there’s enough interest. However, there won’t be enough time to run Super and Marvel team’s so…let me know what you guys want. The third game (either BB, GG, or Arcana) is still being decided by a majority based vote on Dustloop so everyone can feel free to voice your opinion and vote. The reason why it’s only on dustloop is because two game’s on the poll have homes on there (GG and BB.) And I don’t want people to vote twice on both site’s to keep it fair. Super and Mahvel will be run on 360. PLEASE BRING GAMES AND SETUPS!

I have a question Stryfe… I get out of work at 2:30pm on Saturday and I live in Bridgeport and I want to go to this tournament, can I register before hand for Marvel and SSFIV singles? Also, you can count me on bringing a set up for the tournament but it will be arriving a little late. Let me know if you can help me because I really wanna go, thank you.

i dont think she would mind holding the brackets for a little while, someone always ends up late anyway cuz there are people coming from different areas and things happen, ill double check for you with her, but i dont think there would be an issue

That sounds great, thank you.

Yeah definitely :slight_smile: As Baka said people are always late so no worries.

Hey thats great news, thank you.

Bummppp. Three more day’s to vote in either Arcana Heart 3, BB, or GG. Super singles, super teams, and Marvel singles are official.

I’ll be there for some MvC3. See you guys there.

Guilty Gear Accent Core (PS2) is the winner of the vote of the third game! Super Street Fighter 4 teams **will not **be happening to ensure that there is enough time to run every tournament smoothly. Spooky agreed to stream again so get hype! Baka will update the times and rules asap now that every game is chosen and concrete.

Isn’t this the same week as WCG Fight club? If not then I may show up for both games.

Bump! One more weeeeek. Raion yeah it is the same weekend. And Spooky won’t be able to make it now due to WCG fight club being the same weekend.

bump for awesome and a op update, sorry for the delay my life has been a bit crazy recently, cant wait to see you guys there. HYPE!

Hey Stryfe, I won’t be able to make it to this. Something came up that I have to take care of. But hopefully I can come next time.

Linked this thread to the Springfield, MA thread. See you guys Saturday!