Stuck around the footsie area

Hello fellows,

I’m not to sure what to label my troubles as, it may be footsies, but I think it’s more basic than that. Let me explain.

I play SF4, BlazBlue and TvC, and I seem to be struggling with the same thing on all games; landing those initial hits that can develop into massive damage.

In BlazBlue, I’ve all but got the execution for Noel’s 6C loops, yet I have never landed one in a competitive match. In training mode, I can score 4 reps with the drive ender with my eyes closed, but I can’t seem to score a hit that will allow me to utilise this skill I have developed.

In Tatsu, I have solid combos with Casshan and Doronjo, yet I am unable to land that initial blow to open up a meaty combo.

I feel like I can drive like a pro, but don’t have a car to start with. It’s a huge wall that is preventing me from progressing up the learning curve and I don’t feel I can hurdle it on my own. What should I be looking for to develop my game? What should I be practicing? What information should I be looking for?

I’ve read Sonic Hurricane’s Footsie guide many times, but it does feel like that is what I need to look at once I am past my sticking point.

Any information would be of a great help, and I will expand or clear up any points if it will be of assistance.


Stop playing computers and sitting in training mode, and go out and play humans(OFFLINE), focus on landing initial hits and not getting hit. Try to evaluate where/why you are getting hit ask them if they are good they should be able to help you. I know a 1 or 2 people that never go to gatherings or meets or anything that can do every combo in the fucking book. But then Ill go random hit them with a basic BnB and some solid pressure mixup and they just fall apart. This isn’t FUC, you can’t learn the game in training mode.

To be honest im not sure about TvC though because basically any hit leads into your BnB in that game hmmm maybe its just my characters.

I do play offline, and have placed top 4 in local TvC, SF4 and BB tourney’s more than once. We are running a TvC ranbat season, and I think I’m sitting second after successive 3rd’s.

I’m not trying to brag, but there are two steps up from 3rd and looking at my matches, and what I notice while playing, this is where I come unstuck. So I’m looking for any pointers where possible.

how fast are you losing in general.

a common problem is simply just moving forward too much, turtling can help learn how/where your opponent is approaching and deal with it as a result.

What you need to learn are spacing and reading your opponent. Along with match ups. And footsies… :slight_smile:

This is a pretty simple solution, and perhaps it’s most relevant to SF4. Simply wait for your opponent to make a mistake, that’s when you have a free combo opportunity.
Try baiting reversals by applying a lot of wake up pressure. When they go for that wake-up-shoryu, just block it and have your way with them when they recover.
Other things you can catch them with is if you dance (footsies) around mid range trying to get them to toss out a fireball, when they do, ta-da free jump in combo.
You’d be surprised how even the best players will fall for these traps.