Stuck at a very early bump

“Watch your own replays and find your mistakes” and “learn from losing” are two pieces of advice that get thrown around this board quite often, problem is I can’t seem to do either of them. The first one because I don’t know what to look for at all. I just kinda watch my replays and just think “yeah that guy was better than me in every single way. And?”. And I’ve always found the last one to be blasphimous. I don’t understand how you could learn anything from getting absolutely stomped but maybe it’s just me being close minded. I’d ask other players to watch my replays but I don’t know if that’s a thing people do, and I assume that the stickied 7 year old thread doesn’t really get a lot of action anymore. Any ideas?

If you have a video I’d watch it, I wouldn’t be able to watch anything but youtube for today. If you are watching your replays then you’re halfway there, and honestly have probably already started working on the hardest part for people which is actually watching yourself lose.

What should you be looking for? Well what gave you red life? Hit by a fireball? Well work on blocking fireballs or avoiding them by neutral jumping. That kind of thing, obviously I’m not going to go over everything that could happen but that’s what it breaks down to. What you need to work on is layering muscle memory into your play, if you got absolutely stomped it’s probably because the other guy didn’t have to think about what buttons he had to press in a certain situation so by the time you had thought about it he was already enacting a plan.

A good example is anti-airs; at lower levels people are jump happy, I’ve won entire games to doing cr.HP and SRK because people just auto pilot. If you notice you got hit a lot by jump kicks or didn’t stop them getting in that way, play games and just work on that for a whole night. Win or lose, you anti-air the hell out of the other guy. Work it into your play. You’re going to lose doing this because your other areas will be lacking but the purpose is to get that DOWN and when you move on you won’t have to think about anti-airs in the future.

If you didn’t lose to those kinds of things then it’s up to you to find out what killed you, and what prevented you from killing the other guy. Work on each glitch individually. Not as a whole or you’ll get overwhelmed too quickly.

Yeah that’s the big problem, I can’t upload videos to youtube because the video is always slow and looks bad

You can write down the replay numbers and post them here so we can watch it. The game saves the last 50 matches, so remember that.
Otherwise post your CFN and i can look through a few of your replays.

Fighting a player that is much higher in skill level doesn’t teach you much except it gives you experience.

The absolute basics for SFV or most FG’s in general are these:
[] Anti-airing
] Blocking

This can be put under the umbrella term that is "“defense” which encompasses much more than the above mentioned points. I mentioned these points because you need to be able to anti air people and being able to wait out their offense, if you get thrown it’s fine. Just try to block the grounded attacks and the crossups and normal jumps at first. These crossups and normal jumps can often be stopped by using a normal attack as an anti air, a special or going air to air with them. Easiest to learn is when you see them jump, do a jump back with an attack.

Teching throws is the next step in defense, this is done on ANTICIPATION, not REACTION. Often the opponent has put themselves out fo range by pressing a light or medium and it is blocked, to throw they need to walk forward, you react to the forward walk and press throw. Now this reaction in turn cna be baited but that is a somethign for later.

Now you can block grounded attacks, jump attacks and crossups, you can anti air some jumps and crossups, you cna tech soem throws. Now you have breathing space to do your own thing.

Like i said, post the number for your replays or your CFN.

*My bad, i had already assumed SFV was the game you were playing, like RocketUppercut said, what game are you playing?

Which character are you playing? I suppose the better question is what game you’re playing too, cause people are already assuming you’re playing SFV even though there’s no mention of it in your posts.

I should have mentioned that I am talking about SFV
My CFN is KarinsAnimeHair

if my name didn’t make it obvious I main Karin primarily with Vega(Claw) on the side, debating on a third character. I’ll get my replay numbers for others as soon as I can get on the game

One key thing that everyone has touched on so far is defense; However, it’s also important to learn what to do after you’ve successfully defended. Check out this article, as it helped me out a lot:

I think the “Learn from losing” phrase comes from realising why you lost.

For example the first few times I lost against a Nash I kept losing pretty fast and noticed I was taking a lot of damage from getting hit by his moonsault attack. Then I jumped into training and learned what I could do it interpupt it and looked if I could punish any of them if they were blocked.

This meant next time I played against a Nash I either won or didn’t loose as bad because they wasn’t able to use that tactic as effectively.

Learn form losing and watching your replay’s kinda roll up into one ball. Though after a match there might be some clear reason of why you lost anyway i.e getting hit by many fireballs, getting crossed up a lot or just simply pressing buttons all the time and getting counter hit.

Im watching some of your replays now (mostly you as vega).
So far one thing that absolutely stands out is your obsession with random sweeps.
I get why you build that habit in the first place;
a lot of range
easy way in against people that anti air
catches people off guard
BUT sweeps are highly… HIGHLY unsafe in this game, especially with vega since you move in so much, basically making it easy for your opponent to punish you as hard as possible. Stop youself from sweeping so much, you’re around 1k LP, people will soon start to punish that stuff hard.

Another quick thing is conversion, you sometimes land a jump in and just afterwards into nothing. Look up a few hitconfirm combos, maybe just a basic one and one for big punishes (after you blocked an uppercut/ stunned your opponent for example)
I also see you using that clawed target combo (minus vskill) a lot. Maybe you should switch to using st.hp xx qcb+lp (the low claw swipe that was, I think) instead. It’s relatively safe, does chipdamage and combos on hit.
Im no vega main at all, so my character specific tips are limited, but that’s what the character sub forums are for :slight_smile:

When you win, it’s kinda hard to pinpoint where you went wrong sometimes. Spotting mistakes/bad habits is usually easier when you are reviewing losses, especially when it’s against someone of a higher skill level. When one is winning even while playing badly, there is not a lot of incentive to tell him/her what’s wrong (unless it’s being specifically asked for). Because s/he is winning in spite of playing badly. (It’s one of the important unwritten rules in SF I feel - “if it works, you can keep doing it, the pressure is on the other player to adapt and catch up so you don’t get away with it all the time eventually.”) But when watching losses, I find it’s easier to tell people where to improve or do better.