Stuck button on new BrawlStick


I just got a new BrawlStick in from Amazon, and the Y button (yellow) seems to be “stuck” in an electronics sense. It’s basically activating non-stop.

I’ve also confirmed that the Y button is firing constantly in various shmup games I tried. The button is not physically jammed down in the rim, and if I jiggle it around enough, I can get it unstuck until the next time I hit it.

Anyways, this shouldn’t be a PCB issue right (didn’t they fix that after the SEs)? Hopefully it’s just one defective button? If that’s the case, it’s not really an issue since I already have Sanwa buttons ordered.

Btw, this stick looks so much nicer with that artwork peeled off (even the bare matte gray is a huge improvement and less distracting).


That sounds very much like a button issue. You could double check by disconnecting it, or swapping it with one of the other buttons.


I may be wrong but that sounds more like a grounding issue. Just open the case and check the wire that’s running to the Y button. I doubt if its something wrong with you pcb. I had the opposite problem with my 2nd brawl stick, my X button would not activate when hit. Once I open it up and disconnect and reconnect the wire to the button it worked. The buttons that come on the stick are not the best LOL. I hate them man. Good thing you’re replacing them and that should take care of your problem.


That did the trick. I swapped one of the black buttons in as a substitute for the yellow Y button and it works fine. Phew, so it’s just a bad button. I took the button apart just for kicks. The prongs look a little crooked to me.

I might try to straighten them out, see if I can fix it.


Why do people keep making these threads same shit as yesterday same type of question over and over again don’t they have a section for new people or something
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Those must be the sharpest images of a madcatz button ever… good stuff!


Love my LZ10 - cell phone cameras can’t hold a candle to a real camera for close ups.

Anyways the button’s fixed and put back together now. I bent the left/bottom prong (in the second picture) to the left. I wonder if the Mad Catz buttons use a softer metal that’s easier to deform.


just replace the buttons with sanwas or seimetsus, cuz soon you will have the same issues with the rest of the buttons. only a matter of when, not if.


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Why do you think the stickies are for simple questions that don’t need a thread that just liters the Tech Talk forum keeping people from seeing Informative threads because they get bumped to the depths of forum hell by repeating of the same simple questions people are all for the I WANT IT NOW mentality they don’t want to spend five minutes reading thread post its just laziness There’s no hate its just the truth that most would agree with

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