Stuck button


so on my brawl stick I was modding the artwork the PSN button got some of the adheasive on it from when I placed artwork on. The PSN button got stuck nothing I do will get this thing unstuck for me to press it.


Got stuck how? Popped up, or pressed down? How did you get adhesive on it?
Just unscrew the entire assembly from the inside, and pop the button out.


Were u j’in off to internet pornz and got ur button stuck? Don’t lie jk
I assume when you put the lamilabel on ur stick it touched the button when you were trying to align it? As suggested take the assembly out. Also clean it with alittle alcohol and qtip to get any residue off so it doesn’t happen again


Certain adhesives are conductive. Simply getting a bit on the pad would be to close the circuit.


Try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol maybe?


yea I tried that it was pressed in and basically impossible. I ended up having to carve it out and and use the turbo in the slot that the ps3 button was it was the only way. Thanks for everything. guys.