Stuck in a Rut and I need a little help

Ok, So i bought all these parts to make a stick but things kinda went sour and now i have a problem.

I currently have:
2 sanwa JLF sticks with 2 octagonal restrictor plates
12 sanwa OBSN-30 Pushbuttons
and 4 Sanwa OBSN-24 Pushbuttons

The problem is i have no clue what kind of shell i should put them in.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction, or if someone knew a place where i could jst send the parts and they could put them in a box for me.

I was originally planning to do an agete mod with all the parts so something of that size or the size of a hori box would do fine

A buddy of mine might be selling two cases. If you want I can give him your name.

Are you looking to make 2 seperate sticks or 1 dual player stick?

I’ve done this for many customers. They send me parts to use in their stick. It all just depends if you like the design of my sticks or not.

Im actually interested in both ideas

What kind of cases is your friend selling. Im interested in buying one

I like the PSX-PS2 Slim Arcade Custom Slim design you guys have. I have a couple requests and questions though.

1- is it possible to choose my own artwork to go on the stick?
2- Instead of it being wired up for R1 and L1 is it possible to have it wired up for R1 and R2?
3- Will it cost less since im sending you my own parts?

I appreciate the help guys