Stuck In A Rut :(


I’ve been playing fighting games for a while now. I think I have an addiction and I love it. SSF4AE, BlazBlue, Persona, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Guilty Gear, Skullgirls, Marvel, Smash; You name it, and I’ve probably played it. However, I’m not that great and recently I’ve been desperately trying to break through this glass ceiling. Street Fighter is actually the worst for me because of the 1 frame links. Combo’s aren’t hard for me, but when it comes down to playing someone, I have trouble approaching and opening up my opponent. I also mess up my inputs a lot (Like trying to DP and getting QCF or down and forward). Long story short, I just wanna ask how did you veteran fighters get where you are today and what kind of practice did you do to get better at whatever game you are best at? How did you discover your main(s)? Also what tips/suggestions can you give to someone who’s trying to move from the noob pool to higher-end play and eventually to the competitive stage?

The only fighting games I am good at are Injustice (kinda), Smash bros, and Ninja Storm. I also don’t have many friends to play against or any arcades near me :confused:
I play a little better on a controller, but my cousin got me a mini arcade stick for my birthday, so I’ve been trying to get a feel for it.


I think the Newbie/Beginners Links Sticky is criminally underused:

Assuming SF

At the beginning focus on:

how to make moves come out on demand
basic punish combo and which moves are very punishable
Learn the ranges of your normals and which ones are safe
Learn the properties of your specials
I think its wise to understand frame data too, just so the game doesn’t seem so whimsical.

As you play focus on the core concept of FGs. Hit them and don’t get hit. When this isn’t happening try to figure out why. Expect to lose a lot when going through this, just focus on the why and things get better quickly.

Edit: some things to look at in a match
Dont get pushed into a corner
Dont let the opponent jump in on you all the time
Dont try to mash out of stuff

These usually end up badly.


Simply keep learning. you Don’t know what you don’t know. Add something new to your knowledge everyday then use it. Watch your matches to see where you are messing up. when you learn something take it to a real match and keep doing it until it works in a match