Stuck Screws

I’m trying to take a JLF off of my SA’s metal plate, and I’ve encountered a rather large problem. I was able to remove one of the screws, but I can’t take out the other 3 due to the fact that the screws are pretty much destroyed from the previous owner’s own attempt to remove them (e.g. the X in the screws is no longer an X but more like a []). I honestly can’t think of any way to get them off without destroying either the JLF or the mounting plate. Any suggestions?

Drill em out.

Drill em +ez out

I have had good luck w/ these.

You can cut a | into them(hacksaw, razor saw, jewelers saw, dremel tool, etc.) and then use a flat head

Or if the hole is square enough you can try jamming a tiny flathead in the hole.

Alright, if I drill them out, will it damage the mounting plate?

I had a horrible time trying to get he screws out of my stock SA. I ruined like 3 philips screwbits. When did work was dremeling a line across the screw head and using a large flat head bit in a drill. That keeps everything intact.