Students discover a new way to make electricity




Female Teacher at reputable school f's up, has sex with underage student

Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow!

Sorry, that was immature of me, I’m sure this invention will usher in a new golden age for Africa which is good because a lot of areas have piss poor conditions. In unrelated news, R Kelly changed his IP address to Nigeria.


I give those chicks 10 more minutes to sign over the deeds to all that ingenuity before the stormfront boys walk in and take it via burning villages.


That’s using your noodle!


If I wasn’t at Starbucks, I would click the link. Have a feeling I get the jist already.


Pair that with the different water purifying devices available now and third world villages has a chance to flourish.

Next step is to get that invention patented properly before greedy corporations gets their hand on it.


That kind of intelligence will land these students a steady stream of income.


You could say that their discover will shower the world in a new golden age of power.


They’ll probably end up dead and/or missing and this will be forgotten in a few months.


“Honey! We need electricity!”
“Get me a beer…”


Now when you need to see… just pee. :rofl:



Gonna go out on a limb here and say that no one read the date.


now if they only used human dung as fertilizer, nothing would go to waste


That is old news, in North Korea there is a massive black market for human shit, apparently its worth billions. Hell its government policy not to let those ‘goods’ go to waste



Here in Brazil we’ve been using Blanka to power up entire cities since 1991.

Africa is way behind us in that department…




Pikachu: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu…


psssss don’t be a dick!


Starhammer with his old wrinkly ass can’t even see, don’t know how grandpa be typing on here in the first place.


You can’t mention R.Kelly without posting this: