Studying for the GMAT/GRE

pretty much what the title says, i’m bout to start studying for the GMAT (just copped the kaplan study book) and was wondering if anyone had any protips. i’m lookiing to take the GMAT probably around the nov/dec so it’s not like i’m in a rush, anybody here currently in business school?

Co-sign, I keep putting it off because I’ve been doing so much other stuff, but I need to start studying for the GRE.

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Another GMAT student.

Hi, I’m also studying for the GMAT. Got a number of books now on Math from Kaplan, they are reeeeally brilliant books! Perfect explanations, not to slow (that it becomes boring) but not too steep in difficulty either.

The best for me was to do a free online test, in a webinar even, which showed my weaknesses and gave me the area to focus on.

Anyway, good luck to your study efforts m8!

Study your ass off, and if you don’t know something ask a professor. Online sources do not always have the best explanations unless your taking the included online tests in the book.

I took the GMAT last march, got a 540 so nothing outstanding, but I also finished the test 1.5 hours early. The timed test with not going back to review questions wasn’t my cup of tea.

My advice would be to get study books from your local library (free) and NOT sign up for any classes until you’ve taken it at least once. I think the classes are $1k+ and the GMAT is only $250. So unless you’re trying to get 750+ I don’t think it’s really worth it. Laminate some paper and pick up some dry erase markers and use that to do formulas on. That’s how they work when you take the test so it won’t seem too weird.

If you have any specific questions about the test I can try and answer them… but they also have dedicated GMAT forums which might be more helpful.

Tip: don’t go to SRK. It’s distracting as fuck. And stop playing video games.

I took the NCLEX and whenever I took my “mini break” and played a video game, I ended up playing for hours. It’s good to take breaks, but don’t take them too long. If you get to the point where you can’t study anymore, that’s fine, don’t overdue it or you’ll get burned out easy, and besides, if you force yourself, you probably won’t absorb anything.

Always set time to relax after studying. Once you are done studying for the day, then you are done, no questions asked. Go out, drink, eat, play games, have a good time, but don’t ruminate about what you need to do for tomorrow’s study session.

Oh, and have good sleep.

Ok, I guess I’m in the minority when I say just wing that shit. I can’t speak for the GRE, but the GMAT is pretty much cake. Eat a good meal and get a good night’s rest, and then do your thing.

I will say that you should fill out the essay portion, even if your school says they don’t look at it.

Good luck on the test, and in Business School when you get in.

lol if it wasn’t $250 i’d def wing it. but i want to bang out around 650 and i’m not trying to take this thing more than once so i’mma try and put in a good 6 weeks of studying before i take it.

Great for you man.
I’m a Proctor and we do the GRE, as long as you get some food in your system you will be ok. You can take the GMAT I think once every calander month, the GRE is for sure that way. You will probly take the test at a place called Prometric. That’s my place of work. Good luck.
I will be taking the GMAT also next year though.

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