Stuff for sale.....

Got some stuff I am looking to get rid of…

I got a stick/case for sale…it has been completely sanded down because of some basic wear of the paint…I’m looking for 70 SHIPPED!

I also have 2 brand new sanwa jlw sticks that were ordered for a customer but backed out…they have never been used…45 shipped for both of them

here are some pix of the joysticks if anyone is interested…brand spanking new…never been used

You should just post pics of current stick to show it’s condition.

i know i know…its just that its in transit as we speak to me…it was back at home and i’m away at college…i’ll post pics as soon as i get it

aight here is a pic of the stick now

has plexi top but not bottom…just needs to be replaced

what happened to the stick?

one of my friends dropped it and it someohow separated where the wood comes together…just one piece…so i sanded it all down re-stapled and re-glued…so its in perfect condition…just no paint.

well i’ll let it go for 70 SHIPPED…just wanna get rid of it already…so anyone interested let me know…the pcb is already sold…so yeah…anyone interested hit me up

bump…case and 2 sanwa sticks are still for sale…

Case for 50 plus shipping and i’ll let the 2 joysticks for 15 plus shipping

Can I get a pic of the inside? Are the wires hooked up to a strip?

No there no wires hooked up. Its just the case…i do have a pcb that i am pretty sure works…if u want that hacked and wired it will be $15 more

Bump…50 + plus shipping…is missing bottom but very easy to make…just don’t have the tools to do so right now…has plexi top comp stick and comp convex buttons