Stuff off of cykes throw!

been messing around with cykes and his down back RH throw. the hurricanrana or whatever. this is what i come up with

throw + sent drones, launch is an obvious one.

throw + sent drones, duck and they will bounce over you and you can follow up with s.hkx2 xx super or into whatever

throw + sent drones, splice xx super

throw + sent drones, jump up, d+LK, pause, d+hk - depending on how long you pause, the HK can cross up. follow up with xx super.

vs sentinel, throw + drones, launch, sj.lp lk mp, slight pause, d+lk d+mp d+mk d+hp, d+hk (otgs), c.lp…from here you can either walk up and throw and repeat, or j.d+hk (overhead vs sent) xx super. or do regular HK throw + call storm projectile and MOB.

i’m still looking for more stuff but maybe ill post some more later.

anything new this is good but its old…

oh i know it’s mostly old but cyke has such a great throw it deserves it’s own thread. but i’ve never seen anyone do this one

i’m gonna see if i can come up w/ more stuff tomorrow

If you manage to get a throw into drones on someone they should be dead really… You can get throws into drones off of infinite set ups, but getting a throw into drones during a regular match doesn’t happen very often at all, to me at least.

Sent is always flying, mag/storm always jumping. Cable is the best bet of the big 4 for landing a throw on but you have to get past his bullets beams grenades and drones/cap/rp/etc first.

Not saying it’s impossible to land throws it’s just really uncommon. If you can get mag/storm to empty jump cause they’re scared of your uppercuts and all that then you might beable to land a throw here and there.

The set ups after the throw aren’t really that useful though… you get a throw into drones you either rh x 2 xx sob xx hail, launch xx sj mob xx hsf/hvb or infinite to reset or shockwave or something. Don’t really see a point in the other stuff other than dicking around or trying to be different.

i know what you mean though. of course with any character that isn’t top (besides strider and spiral), you’re probably not gonna get close but obviously it’s not impossible. obviously these are all situational since it’s so hard to get it with anyone that isn’t storm sent strider or mag. anyways, yeah i’m was bored when i made this =P

oh, and cykes + drones beats out magneto trijumps.

haha I wish it did. This ain’t xvsf.

well, sometimes at least. because i know i’ve at least traded with it.

anyways, i think it’s cool that cyke can do his inf after his throw. from there you can do another throw reset which is death. any hit in the corner is almost gaurenteed throw also (launch, 1 2 3 4 hp, d+hk which otgs, c.lp, throw + drones)