Stuff that needs to be adressed

I hope I wont get flamed for making a new thread but I think we should gather a list of things that need to be adressed outside of glitches and bugs.

I’ll start with my list and maybe we could make one list combined out of the stuff that everyone/most people agree on

Let me start with things I think should

- Soundbug fix

- Ability to remove quick combos

- When you’re in the replay channel and choose to search after 1 character, if you finish the replay, youll have to do it all over again which is a real pain with the laggy UI


- Fix the connection problems with lobbys, I sometimes connect to one, hear the people talking before im in it and then it gives me the error cant connect. ( Yes, I have a very good connection so thats not the problem )

- Maybe its only me but when using the ‘Elite Channel’ I always get replays of myself ( i’m at 0 BP ) or other low BP players

- Make the game save settings for lobbys like SSF4 did.

- Maybe have a second look at some characters and their moves, especially the tekken characters. Some of them have such a ridiclious range, it feels like playing Toro

- Do something about antiairs

That is my list so far, I’d love to hear all of your opinions and needs and will compile it into 1 big one that we could send to capcom.****

You will be able to remove quick combos… If you buy the combo editor.

Will you be able to remove quick combos, or will you just accidentally burn a meter with no moves coming out? Real question.

I have no idea. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the latter. Maybe they’ll introduce a DLC gem that gets rid of the feature completely, like the “remove shortcuts” gem. Fuck you, Capcom.

Wait… what?

same. what? and like the other guy posted, will meter still be wasted even though no combo came out?

You can’t remove custom combos, only edit them The default for new custom combos is just a single st.lp, and you can’t remove that afaik.

Can we not mix actual bugs/usability problems (online sound, quick combo bindings) with wishlist stuff (anti-airs)? And there’s also a bug/glitch thread in the stickies, anyway…

Like I said those were only my things, its not like its the final list. For that we will have to wait till this thread racks up some pages.

He’s saying that if you buy the combo editor you can edit the combo to nothing, therefore removing the function, I really doubt a meter would waste with nothing coming out that would have to be the stupidest thing possible in a fighting game.


You can’t. The combo must start with one attack and there is no way to disable the custom presets altogether.


^fuck this