Stuffing DPs on wake up

does meaty ducking forward stuff a dp?
or is it standing forward?
…or maybe ducking short?
standing feirce?

is there a definitive answer, where the opponent can only parry on get up?..he can’t throw dp or super???

Err from experience, meaty s. fierce stuffs shoryu in genei jin either that or my friend messes up on his timing

The definite answer is to block on wakeup and punish the DP or super

well, that was usefull.

newayz. who cares

Apparantly, you did.

I’m almost positive shoryu owns any non-meter type thing Yun can try to do to stuff it. Block or parry that ish, yo.

And I’m positive that you’re wrong.

I was unaware any of his normals/specials had enough priority to stuff a shoryuken… Well thanks for informing me of what it is. :tup:


it depends on which shoryu.
Stand forward beats Ryu’s non EX shoryus and Ken’s Jab and Strong shoryus.
Low short from the right distance (about out of throw range) and with the right timing (not easy) can stuff even Gouki’s shoryus and Ken’s fierce shoryu. It should trade with Ryu and Ken’s EX shoryus.
Oh and palm from ouside shoryu hitting range beats any shoryu-type move besides Shinsho and Shoryu Cannon (cancel it into Genei-jin afterwards). Won’t work against a good players but it’s always a nice thing to know.

Nice Italy!
copy and paste that shit to the palm of your hand.