Stuffing dragon punches- command kick or DF kick?



I’m having trouble with good ryu, evil ryu and ken players. My demon flip kicks are almost always AA’d so I’m looking for tips on stuffing dragon punches. Is command dive better, could it be my timing or is this even still possible on ultra?


Late flipping low above opponent head is the way to go.
Still manual timed, so open to mistakes.


Are you trying to bait DPs from a sweap or during a footsie game / jump on your opponent ?

Please guys correct me if i am wrong but, after a lot of time in the lab trying to land jumping attacks on DP mashers this is what i found

From a sweap: during footsie if you land a sweep from the max range; you can instant deamon HK early Kick the DPS. this is not “cross up” but you land enough behind to make the DP whiff.

for example against ryu if you do that : ->you beat the lp DP ->whiff the mpDP/hpDP/exDP

If you eat ryu reversals DPs and you feel it is only mashing and not on purpose: it’s a good thing to do

I mean this is not a safe jump ! (you cannot safe jump 3 frames reversals) if your opponent delays just a little bit his DP you will eat it from the other side


and it means that if you are able to find the same range between you and the ryu/ken/e.ryu during a stand up footsie game; you’ll get the same result (as long as your deamon flip is not too obvious to be early DP)


I’m trying to stuff or make the dp wiff off a sweep or throw and your description sounds like it should work.

I’ve been doing it a little different with some success. After sweep I’ll wait a very short time and then LK DF immediate kick, which will beat the DP but only if the sweep connects at almost max distance, I’d say his ankle joint hits instead of only his foot. The problem with this is I don’t have an accurate way of timing the DFK so it doesn’t always work. My next step is to try and figure out if any wiffed normals will work as a reliable way to time it. This will also beat chun li’s EX spinning kick clean but the DF and kick need to be done right away.

I’ve also noticed LK DFK works if the sweep hits deeper and you add a delay to the DF and slightly delay the kick as well. Again, haven’t figured out the timing so sometimes it losses.

I’ve beaten Gouken’s EX hurricane kick clean in online matches but haven’t gotten it down to a science yet. I believe it’s MK DF and It seems you need to land right on top of his head. His DFK on wakeup after sweep appears to have the ability to beat every characters DP (Yun, guile, sagat, sakura, etc) but the methods and kick strength vary. The only character I can’t figure out is oni’s dp, I always seem to loose.

The factor that seems to be the most important is invincibility frames. I’m trying to figure out how to make the kick connect after the invincibility and also connect at a vulnerable spot on their hitbox (ryus mid-section for example). Keep in mind I’m not trying to make them wiff, I’m trying to beat them clean which I don’t think is possible on ex’s like ryu/ken/akumas that are invincible all the way up but many of the other characters can be since I’ve done it to most of the cast by mistake.

I’ll give your method a shot and I’ll update this thread when/if I figure out a sure fire way to beat them every time.


Why would you DF kick Gouken or Juri (outside of unblock setups) ? You have armor breaking DF palm that covers everything, use it I would say.
The point of wake up pressure is to reduce the opponent options, not gamble. These 2 chars biggest weakness is a meaty armor breacking move that can be Osed, you just happen to have this tool… it’s not with DF kick.


I agree. I always mix it up and palm is essential in those matchups but stuffing one or two his ex hurricane anti air or juri’s ex spinning attacks makes them much easier to deal with the rest of the match once they know you can stop their best AA reversals.

You need to use all his tools and I’m not suggesting these setups be abused or overused. I’ve just noticed that one total stuff is all it takes to really mess with their heads.


Found these that work:
Chun li- far sweep, lk DF immediate kick beats ex spinning bird clean (goal is to land the kick between her legs)

Gouken- forward through, dash x 2, MK DF immediate kick beats ex hurricane kick and ultra 1 clean


You can’t OS out of those DK kicks because they’re late on purpose to hit after invincibility frames of opponent reversals. So I suggest people to keep delayed DF kicks setups against chars you can’t meaty on wake up. (aka 3 framers).
For every other, you can meaty safe jump them with OS and mixups (jump in mk/hk/lk, cross tatsu, high/low, df grab, df palm, df palm whiff cross up) pretty much with the same timing making them usually completely hidden and effective.

If you play your char as it should be, they shouldn’t try to reversal your safe jump. “If” you do safe jump them. That’s part of establishing the matchup.
If you don’t, like if you late DF kick them and you stuff their reversal once, next time they’ll adapt and you’ll eat a lvl2 focus clean or any other solution offensive or defensive you let them take.

Of course you can choose to not follow the matchup and play yolo, but after a while you’ll need it. The more you level up the more you use your chars tools to control what you can, letting few things left for random factors.

just sayin’


With people with 3f reversals I find it’s better to not use divekick so much and focus more on is he gonna hit from the front or from the back?

Before USF4 what I usually do against 3fers is I either tatsu them from the back or jump in with a from the front. Easy peasy right? Tatsus from the back teaches em not to DP because it will lose to the tatsu.

However with DWU this is out of the window. Unless someone has a DWU setup? Because I’m basically stumped atm.