Stuffing normals

Which normals stuff moves like Srk and flashkicks on wakeup?

chun’s backfierce stuffs or trades with srk

Makoto’s s.MP



What you’re referring to is called a “meaty”.
What you’re asking is different for every character.

What you need to know is the move needs to have enough attack frames that it overlaps the opponent as they rise from being grounded therefore stuffing whatever wake up move they attempt. You’ll know you did it correctly because it will say reversal on your opponents side.

A good and (in my opinion) easy way to identify this is Ryu’s close standing Mk.

Ground the opponent and hit Mk just as they are waking up so that he is already in the middle of his knee animation by the time the opponent completely rises, which should result in a meaty.

Keep in mind, some moves are slow and to an opponent with quick reactions they can see a meaty coming and parry upon wake up. Also all supers (if not most… I’m pretty sure all though) will trade or blow through a meaty. So don’t think it’s a sure fire attack.


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