Stuffing shoryukens/uppercuts

When I balrog extremely aggressive, I jump in every single time with j. rh. I’ve noticed that it’s not hard to trade non ex shoryukens and some of the time you can straight up stuff the move and land a combo. However I haven’t been able to stuff srk with a regularly, so I still don’t have the timing down.

Anyone have experience doing this? So I know meaty j. rh will usually get you stuffed, and the angle at which you come down matters a lot too. So far I think the best is just a little before meaty territory, and you have to be almost at the crossup/whiff threshold to get there. There’s also some moves that are impossible to stuff no matter how you approach it.

Ryu/Ken all srk stuffable except ex versions
Sagat - Can’t stuff tiger upper
Cammy - Can’t stuff cannon spike.

Other moves I haven’t had enough experience with yet.

Anyone know what I’m talking about? No one cares?

It would help if you could post a video. Theoretically it isn’t really possible to stuff a properly timed shoto SRK because of the start up invincibility. IMO the best you can do against a properly timed DP is to trade, which isn’t really a good idea unless it will KO your opponent, or unless you want to give your opponent a free ultra juggle.

Anyway, Sakura’s DP-motion uppercut is pretty easy to stuff.

you can also safe jump sagat.

Jumping in on ryu is ALWAYS a bad idea, I’d never encourage someone to do it unless I played ryu,hehe

unless there a scrub and like to throw fireball in rhythm…:smile:

if ryu did his shoryuken correctly you shouldn’t be able to stuff it. same w/ ken.

Trading with a Ryu srk in the air = ultra or ex fireball…

Jumping too much is just a foolish idea. Yeah you can trade with normal DPs, but EX ones will destroy you and especially gainst sagat you’re just gonna eat some HKs after a trade.

You can jumpin on sagat as a mixup but only use j.HK because of hte way the hit comes and his hitbox being so big you can put him in blockstun before he can use DP. Ryu and others you cant’ and they have a faster DP so just don’t bother.

j.hp can stuff sagat’s standing rh at the right distance. the more you know!

but seriously, don’t jump at shotos.

On XBL an empty jump at the right distance is fantastic on shotos… they always whiff their srk because of no limb sticking out.

the good ones dash -> srk though :frowning: that shit hits

generally jumping in on em isnt a good idea


worse against sagat, f.rh > ultra

You can use safe jumps but i am 99% sure ex srks beat out even safe jumps…

Have you been doing this on line or off line?

What do you guys think about meaty FAR as possible s.hp against ryu srk. I’ve been using this a lot with my pokes and it seems pretty good. If they do regular srk it will trade in your favor (damage wise) and they cant fadc ultra you.

I stopped jumping in at Ryu & Sagat a long time ago. The negatives far outweigh the tiny benefits (if any) you would get from it.