Stump Shazam: Genesis fighting game edition

I think I found a flaw in’s music recognition soft. In one part of the song, it was “Love song” from Tv.out. In another part of the song Shazam thought it was “Sweet Lullaby” by Sense8. The reason why I’m posting it on a classic video game site and a fighting game website was because the source material was the Sega Genesis Version of an iconic fighting game song. I bet you any of you can get it right before Shazam gets it wrong.

By the way, in that game show “Beat Shazam” what happens if Shazam gets it wrong, liker I got Shazam to do here? Is it an automatic correct answer for the human contestant if Shazam gets it wrong?

P.S. Here’s the song that stunmped Shazam: