Stun Dudley

I know that Dudley deals a lot of stun damage so i was thinking of ways to play a style where you aim to stun your opponent kind of like a denjin ryu without the super. Dudley has some insane 75% stun combo’s especially in the corner.

Anyone play dudley this way and have any strategies to share?

ALso, what are dudley’s most stunning combos.

j.hp, xx hp uppercut -> 2 times = ggpo

use twds + fierce, SSB, neutral throw, s. roundhouse. all of them have pretty good stun value. when you use the neutral throw, make sure you mash it like crazy.

as far as which combos stun the most, DooM mentioned the biggest stunner. another one is (without the jump-in):

s. roundhouse x EX MGB -> twds + forward x fierce Jet Uppercut

without a jump-in, his best one is probably

s. roundhouse x EX MGB -> EX Jet Uppercut -> fierce Jet Uppercut

that has other variations, but it’s also pretty difficult to land. if you’ve got it down good, then go for it. i don’t usually use it.

honestly though, even if Dudley has pretty good stunning capability, i don’t think he’s quite up there with Makoto, SA3 Ryu or Necro. it’s not really his game plan to dizzy someone. if it happens, then it’s a bonus, but i find that if my goal is to stun my opponent, i get sidetracked. i personally find that going for the 50/50 set-ups is more the way to go. again, the dizzying is just a bonus to that if it happens.


yeah i tried playing for stun for 1 day and it didnt go too well.

dudley’s damage > his stun. his super’s dont deal any stun at all.

T_T … yeah he’s hella sick with damage , it would be fucking sick if his 3 supers does sick stun damage …

EX-mgb combos + mixup = your prayer has been answered with his rocket upper cut soon .

but his BnB-upper-cut combo is already beyond sick stun damage .
I could never forget sbo2 , dudley raped akuma within 9 seconds .

Another nice stun combo is
(in the corner)
cr. roundhouse -> ex jet uppercut -> ex jet uppercut …
The timing is really weird , once jet uppercut’s max range is near the floor , but it deals like 55-60 pts of damage (depends if you get the two hits of the second ex jet uppercut) and half Ryu’s stun bar …

just hit the guy lol. dont “play” for anything but winning, works out better that way. if theyre already almost stunned ill use a stun combo on them, but if not, im just trying to deal the most damage.